Looking for Hosts in Queens, New York

My name is James Farrell and I’m a reporter with the Queens Tribune newspaper, based in Whitestone, Queens. I want to do a story for next week’s paper about how the new airbnb law in New York imposing heavy fines on certain rentals affects the average AirBnB host and I’m trying to interview hosts from Queens to show how it affects the AirBnB world in Queens. I’d love as many perspectives as possible and I’d need to speak to someone by Sunday at the absolute latest. If you are interested in doing an interview with me, you can reach out to me here, or email me at jfarrell@queenstribune.com, or call me on my office phone during the day at (718) 357-7400 x 127. I’d love to hear your stories. Thanks!

What is this… the fifth or sixth identical post from you?

The third actually, just trying to get the message out. Would love to talk to you if you have had any experience with the law!


I stand corrected, I forgot a few off the top of my head. My offer for an interview still stands if you’ve had any experience with the law. Thanks!