Looking for hosts in Central TN to see if there is interest in a community group

Hello from the small town of Gainesboro Tennessee. I was asked to participate in a selection process for the Community Leaders Program. I went through the Airbnb process and it turns out they are targeting the larger cities and not the smaller city and rural areas. Our Airbnb is not in the Chattanooga area so I wasn’t selected. There are hundreds of Airbnbs in a radius of 75 miles around the Cookeville area. Perhaps a community program that is not run by Airbnb makes sense.

Airbnb provides funding for host activities like getting together for meals and other gatherings. Have any of you used or participated in the Airbnb Community Program Facebook sites? These are invitation signup only sites run on Facebook by Airbnb in various locations.
Thanks - Hugh

Help me understand. Did Airbnb approach you or did you try to start a group under this program?

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They approached me for the Community Leader Program. I had no clue the program existed.

That is the program. It has morphed a bit from the website description.

So you were willing to work for Airbnb without any pay? They have quite the gimmick going on!

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Nope. I don’t do Facebook and am certainly not going to join.

Some of us in our area see the benefit of increasing communication between hosts. I don’t know how much Airbnb would try and control the dialog of a host to host platform. I don’t do Facebook but one of the hosts is a big Facebooker and would take care of the “recommended” feeds that Airbnb would ask the leader to put on the site. I saw it as an experiment. It is a moot issue though because I wasn’t selected. I am interested in any other “private” interactive sites between hosts that other might have put together for their area.

I do too. I didn’t start my local area Airbnb sponsored Facebook group but I actively participate. I also am a moderator In an international Airbnb FB group.

Don’t let the snarky comments about working for free discourage you. The moderators for this group are volunteers too. I guess the person saying that forgot about that fact.

Myrtle Beach SC has one. It’s only a year old so not many members yet. Activity is increasing. The moderator posts an Airbnb suggested topic 2-3 times a week. Information about platform changes seem to be available there first.

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The program at Myrtle Beach sounds like the program I was talking about. I am glad it is working. The dissemination of platform information is important. It is a shame that Airbnb doesn’t have a better way of communicating to all the hosts. This week I noticed that the home location of the guest has been removed. I wonder why? We’ll see what develops. Thank you for your comments.

They offer two options on the platform but neither is automatic-the host must sign up

  1. Host profile notifications.

  1. Community

In fairness, I wouldn’t work for Airbnb for free and this isn’t an Airbnb the corporation forum.


I’ve thought about getting a group of local hosts together, but wouldn’t want Air to have anything whatsoever to do with it. We’re a very rural area, & I’d venture to guess there are probably 100+ hosts within a 50 mile radius. Question is, how to contact these other hosts? Not like you can contact them through their Air listings… I hate to admit it, but FB seems to be the easiest way to reach out. Open to suggestions!

I know it would bother some hosts, but it doesn’t bother me to be contacted through an inquiry message from other hosts.

Same here. I like helping other hosts out on this forum, if I can, but I’m quite sure I give some advice or say things that Airbnb would never approve of. Airbnb monitoring what hosts talk about between themselves is one reason why a lot of hosts don’t use the Airbnb forum. I don’t see how an Airbnb Facebook forum is any different from the CC, aside from hosts discussing issues that might specific to their area.

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Yes, but the question begs, how do you get contact info from them without actually booking? Air makes it this big mystery, til they get your $

You can mention in an inquiry there is a FB group starting for xyz area hosts. If they are interested, search Xyz host group.

Airbnb will filter out the word Facebook & any web address but you can be cryptic. The host is either interested enough to seek it out or not.

I like the idea of the private Facebook group. I would open a Facebook account just for the bnb. There are private Facebook groups that require approval to join. Facebook still monitors them. There are a couple of ways to get this done. Say someone in Nashville is reading this. I might be able to join the Nashville group. I would then turn around to the Non-Air, rural group, and relay important platform change information that is only provided to the Air Facebook groups. One advantage I see to the “non-Air” group. (NAIR?) is the ability to discuss problem guests. We live near a University and have had only one group really cause a party problem. I sent notes to the hosts that I know and gave them the heads up on our experience. Did anybody notice that the lhome location of the guest is no longer listed? Hmmm… I wonder why. (although 30% weren’t accurate.)

@kkc. I wasn’t implying Airbnb ran this group or that you were interested in volunteering for Airbnb.

My response was about this comment about Airbnb having a gimmick.

I chose to freely moderate an Airbnb group. I get something significant to me out of it.

My participation isn’t completely altruistic in any group including this one.

I get something from actively participating or I wouldn’t do it.

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I wholeheartedly agree, obviously. And just because someone isn’t on here all the time doesn’t mean they aren’t contributing. I’ve messaged numerous folks including @georgygirlofairbnb about staying in their Airbnb or visiting their area and all have been gracious and generous with their time.

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