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Looking for good Cleaning Companies in Atlanta GA


We are looking for a new cleaning company that can turn our units after guest checkouts. We are currently at 14 units, so individual cleaners or companies would be good. Our properties are located in downtown, midtown, Buckhead and Virginia Highlands.


@Gary_Raches This is an international forum so there isn’t likely to be lots of active members in your area.

Have you tried advertising on your local area FB groups or have you identified whether there is a local host group in your town/city/area?


This international forum won’t be much if any help. Advertise in your local Craigslist or similar neighborhood fora.


Hi, funny enough, my rental is in Smyrna. I found my cleaning girl when I was staying at Wyndham on 41. She was in housekeeping. I do want to warn you, though, I used a service a while back (can’t remember the name), but the owner’s name is Josh. He was horrible! He works in Cobb County, and actually has a regular Airbnb client. He charged me $250 for a deep cleaning, did partial work and didn’t come back to finish. My host and I tried to contact him without luck. I found him on a site that lists cleaners with reviews, etc. He had good reviews. Beware.


Not answering the original question, I know, but having a good prep person is as important (if not more important) than having good cleaners :slight_smile:

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