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Looking for Beta Testers


I have a new property management software coming to market in the next few months. I am looking for beta testers that will be given free access during the period and discounted rates should they continue to use the software in exchange for feedback and bug reporting.

Software Features:

  1. Automate Messages (Airbnb and HomeAway supported)
  2. Integrate Staff - tasks assigned such as cleaning between reservations, maintenance, etc
  3. Calendar integration
  4. Home Automation Controls (Lock management with approved hardware)

Beta will begin in a few months where I will be providing full information. If you’re interested, please reply here or PM me.


You can’t use the forum for this purpose. Sorry.



Hey Konacoconutz, sorry I saw people like Smartbnbio essentially offering their software solution in tools, am I only supposed to respond to posts that specifically ask for solutions? I was using my other account to post periodically in here unrelated, no worries if I need to adhere to that as a rule just trying to understand.


Please read the forum guidelines. Smart is a longtime friend of the forum and has provided many helpful answers and insights to members over The years free of charge and that is why he is given a rare exception.

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