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Looking for an iPhone app for taking and organizing my house photos?

I took a bunch of photos, besides having some trouble with my kitchen looking a little dark, picking the best photos and getting them back to my desktop for upload isn’t going well. Anyone using and app for that?

I was actually just searching for a good property camera app because my initial photos were pretty awful. My biggest issue was with lighting. I found an app called curbappeal. I’ve just started using it but so far it’s solving all my problems.

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I google and found the site for it. It looks like what I’m looking for, I’ll check it out.


I would recommend getting the airbnb professional photos done if you live in a area where its available

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@Kirsty_Jane For the moment I’m totally stoked about my shoot this past weekend with CurbAppeal. I didn’t want to start with bad photos.

Photos can be easily cropped and the shading changed in the iPhone app. What I do is use an app called Scanner Pro to upload photos and home business docs to a cloud app e.g. Dropbox, these appear on the PC. With Scanner Pro you can give each item a correct relevant name before uploading.

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