Looking for a maintenance person

I have advertised for a vacancy as below or a property in Meroo Meadow, NSW, Australia . Please let me know if you have any contact or person who might be interested.
Thank You all
" Permanent long term 1 full day a week (flexible days) gardening job, Meroo Meadow Airbnb small acreage, suit retired or young person with proven love of gardening: pruning, mulching, seasonal maintenance & development, lawn mowing when needed. Apply - [info@meadowmountainlodge.com.au] and 0416212021 for immediate start January 2023

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Hello @MML123

You have posted in an international forum so it’s not likely that you will find anyone hosting in your particular part of Australia.

Why don’t you advertise on your local area group in FB or wherever you would normally advertise job vacancies in your ara.``


Thank you for your comment. I have already posted an ad in group and even local newspaper. Just thought I will post here as well