Longer payout time

Anyone else having a longer time for payout to arrive in your bank account? Used to be pretty much same or next day from sent, now 3/4 or more days, coming from an Irish bank?

Nope. In as usual day after notification, from Ireland to Spain.


It’s been 10 days so far and I’m still waiting. Contacted Airbnb several times and finally a supervisor escalated the ticket. Today I was told to be patient because the payout team has many tickets to deal with. Not sure what’s going on but it’s a big inconvenience.

This was happening to me and Air’s CS reps could not find a reason. I switched my payout from my bank to Paypal and have had no issues. It is in my account no later than 10:00 am on the day after checkin.


Thank you so much! I just changed it to paypal. Hopefully that will work. Airbnb reps have been totally useless.

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I have always used PayPal. I occasionally get a payout stuck in future and not pId out until i call and escalate it. One time I thought about not calling just to see how long they held my money but it killed me to be losing the interest while it sat there…


Good to know its not just us. Just joined this forum for this very problem so will look at transferring to PayPal.

Does Paypal charge any fees for receiving Airbnb payments?

@Les No.


I have never been charged a fee. Some on here who use the business version, which I do not, have said there are fees and monthly charges. The personal one does not have any.