Long Term Stay Scammers

I had a guest And her boyfriend who reserved for 30 days and received a long term stay discount per night (50%) After staying for five nights they had an issue with the stay. The issued was corrected but they still wanted a refund for the remainder of the stay after staying five nights. They complained to Airbnb, I granted the refund, and their stay was altered. Because their stay was altered for less than 30 days should they pay the regular rate for the five nights and be refunded the difference? I feel like the guest are scammers.


I do not accept reservation alterations… I have it in my house rules that my policy does not allow for reservation alterations.
So you will get paid for whatever you agreed to when you accepted the reservation alteration.


I never give discounts for any length of stay.

I’ve read multiple stories from hosts that suspect guests do this.

What was the specific issue?

Who did the alteration?

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I think we’d all be able to help more if, as Brian says, we knew what the issue was and a few more details.

50% is a huge discount. Do you always do that or had the guests talked you into it?

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What was the issue that caused them to leave? Do you know anything about their stay? Generally longer term stays will disclose, I.e. work assignment, caring for a relative, etc.

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I would base it on the issue. If it was a minor issue then I would charge them the normal rate but if it was a major issue, I would use the discounted rate.

This doesn’t seem right (yes, they should pay the regular rate for the 5 nights). I often have had discounts for multi-day stays and whenever a guest has needed to shorten their stay, their price per night has gone up. I am sure of it because they always notice and mention it :wink:

The only thing I can think of is that it’s different because there was an issue with the stay and/or because it was long-term stay (the cases I had were similar to 5 days to 3 days, not a monthly discount).

If it were me, I’d figure out all of the math and type it up in an easy to understand way then export it into a pdf or jpeg. Then start a case on the chat with CS or call and ask to switch the chat and upload the documents so that they can see what the issue is as well as what the solution is (e.g. math).

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The issue was they said they saw cockroaches, I paid to have an exterminator come in the next day. The day after the spraying I went through the house throughly and didn’t see any dead or live bugs in the house. Also, after they left and I did my inspection I found a drawer to my twin mate bed had been destroyed beyond repair by them. Airbnb did the alteration for them and then said they gave me too much money for the five days.

Reservations over 30 days are discounted.

I mean why do you offer such a large discount?

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I just went into my booking settings and adjusted the discount percentages. I didn’t know I could change the rates.

Helen, it sounds to me that you are new to this? I’d truly recommend that you read as much as you can here in this forum. Note that there’s a search facility that will help you find the info you are looking for.

You’ll find that there are a lot of hosts here who have been doing this for a long, long time and have experienced many things. Think of it as the Airbnb university. :slight_smile:

You should also study Airbnb’s terms and their help pages. I know that it sounds a bit like starting a new college course but if you devote time to reading, you’ll learn such a lot. You’ll also save money (30 day tenants at half price isn’t a good idea) and also save yourself the stress that many inexperienced hosts can have.


Thanks Jaquo…will do.

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Sounds suspicious. Even if it is not,they should still pay whatever you would have asked for a shorter stay.

Be grateful yr 30 day guest didnt tell Airbnb they felt their privacy was invaded. I have a doorbell and entry camera. Same cameras I’ve had for all 5 yrs of Super Hosting. I have no other camera, nothing is hidden and my listing clearly states all guests entering or leaving will be videoed, all per Airbnb rules. The guest wanted to leave when his entire family cancelled on coming for the Christmas holidays so he no longer needed a large house with heated pool. I paid to reopen. & heat pool in December because he agreed to pay the extra in the gas bill. He stayed 13 days . The case manager calculated a refund of $159 without the monthly and 2nd week discounts. I agreed to pay and case was closed. Three days later Airbnb sent me an email telling me my listing had been deleted and i was forever banned from hosting! Calls, emails and letters stating all the facts were all ignored and 10 future bookings were cancelled. I cant even get tax information on my account. I am one of 2500 legally permitted short term rentals listed on Airbnb for Austin. They list over 10000 homes in Austin. My 300+ 5 star reviews gone! All my wording& photos and future reservations gone. And no one at Airbnb would even tell me why. Airbnb refunded my guest $1800. He broke pool equipment costing me $2000 & my home was left vacant for the holidays without any preperations necessary to safe guard my home, a violation of my HOA and insurance rules. I was able to relist my home thru my cohost and was finally getting bookings in again just before COVD19. I have 8 reservation cancellations that qualify for the 25% payout and Airbnb says i dont qualify because i just started hosting in January. Ive lost over $10,000 due to Airbnb’s terrible treatment. 5yrs SuperHost means nothing. That guest had 1 prior review. Airbnb no longer cares about their hosts, even before COVID19.

Airbnb switched my discount rate back to 50%. I found this out after I got a long term stay request. I contacted customer help to find out who or why it switched back and was told to put in a resolution request.

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I had a similar issue with AIRBNB changing my rates without my knowledge during my high season!
I need to check periodically to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

I got a long term stay recently and they paid for 28 days and ended up being the guest from Hell. They tried to take over my Airbnb. Invited their friends to stay in my other rooms on Airbnb without paying, didn’t clean up after using the kitchen, refused to dump the over flowing garbage in the house, lied to neighbors about the condition of property, gave away the WiFi password to the thug neighbors, unplugged my security camera system to bring his friends into the house and refused to cancel reservation and leave because he paid his money. Just totally disregarded my house rules. I was more than happy to give him his money back just to get him out of there. Airbnb was moving too slow for me to let them handle the situation.

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