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I have a Airbnb inquary about booking for 2 month. The guest is new and has a profile created in this month. Verification only email address. What tool I ask for a ID verification before the reservation made? Since I had a month and a half guest and all went well. What is the best way for reservations for longer terms. Thanks for advices.

The first question is: Where are you located? And will your guest have tenants right after a certain number of nights? !!! SQUATTER ALERT !!!


Start a conversation with the guest and let him or her know your concerns. Ask for more information, their employer, passport info or how you can find them on facebook or LinkedIn. And as Guthend said, make sure they don’t get tenant’s rights.

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Thank you GutHend.
Location Central Europe,
I need to check the app. anyway for a long term period. The best way is to sign the contrat?
So your suggestion is not to give the tenat righs? Right? Just the Airbnb policy?

Thanks, K9KarmaCasa. Can I ask as a host for ID verification?

Airbnb is not a good platform for long term rentals of 30 days or more. You will not be protected if they overstay and stop paying or their cc is denied as Airbnb only collects for the first month. And a new user with no profile is risky. Ask them the reason for their visit and try booking them if you think they are legit for 3 weeks and see if you want to renew. You can always change to a standard lease that covers you legally in your country of residence.


I would add in many Countries long term rentals are covered by legislation that makes it difficult to evict, normally you need a proper lease.

Tenants rights depend on the laws of your country. In many of the states of the USA people automatically become tenants (with tenants rights) when they have stayed for more than 30 days. Tenant rights might make it extremely difficult to evict them once they decide to stop paying and just stay in your place. Please look for other topics regarding tenants rights and inform yourself about the laws in your country.

Personally we don’t allow for stays of over 2 weeks, because if we don’t get along or feel good with a guest we don’t see ourselves living together for more than 2 weeks.

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Decline. Sounds like a potential nightmare to me.

Tnx, Declined! Saved myself from nightmare.