Long term guest left early without goodbye

Hello - I’m curious if anyone finds it odd that my recent long term (30 days) guests left 2 days early without telling me they were doing so and without saying goodbye. I hadn’t even realized they were gone at first (my AirBnB is a stand alone guesthouse on my property), but when I didn’t see their car for a while and they didn’t reply to two messages asking if we could meet up for me to collect keys, etc I realized they’d taken off. The place was neat enough. They’d oddly rearranged a bunch of furniture, but there wasn’t any damage per se. The whole time they were here they seemed very skittish with interaction… which I’d put down to English language limitations. I’d asked them a few times if all was going well, and they never mentioned any problems except to say about a week ago that the WiFi was “spotty” since they’d arrived. That was very odd, since I have top speed service. Regardless, I brought them a WiFi hotspot the next morning as backup. They seemed confused. (Again, language?).
Anyway, I’m not sure how to review them because I’m wondering now if they were displeased with their stay in some way. I honestly found their manner a bit off-putting, but I’m hoping it was just a cultural divide. I’ve lived on 3 continents and traveled pretty widely to 6, so it’s not like I’m not flexible in my expectations. But in any culture it just seems a bit weird to me to just take off early and then to ghost me when I reached out. Well, maybe it’s the ghosting generation!! They were in their 20s!

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So communication was good while they were there?

I had a guy here booked in for 22 days. He left about 5 days early without telling me exp he was checking out. He just messaged me that he left the money he owed me in the room. He said he left and I didn’t know what he meant. I went in the room and almost all his stuff was gone but he forgot a couple of things so I was confused. His communication was odd the whole time but he’s from the US and so am I. I don’t know what his deal is. Lots of people are what we might call odd; they are further out on the ends of the spectrum, but not a big deal. It’s not necessarily related to culture.


Communication was so-so. Over AirBnB text they were usually pretty responsive. But whenever I ran into them (I love next door and share a driveway), they looked terrified that I was going to try to speak with them. Their English was pretty good but not perfect.
I’ve had no word from them at all. That’s why I’m wondering if I should review them as though all was “normal” or if I should ding them on communication? They left an Amazon Prime delivery box (open) in the living room. It appears to be a cat leash (??) which is odd since they don’t have pets. I have a cat…so I wondered if that was some sort of gift for me, but there was no note. And it would be sort of passive aggressive- maybe they didn’t like the cat wandering around perimeter of the guest cabin??

Where they can use Google Translate.

Review as normal but yes I’d remove one star for communication. Maybe mention it in the review.

What? No. Think it is is kind of insecure and paranoid. (seem extreme? So is calling a gift or item left behind passive aggressive.)

I repeat that’s a strange explanation for a leash.

Ok, fair point on the leash. Although in my defense, as there wasn’t any note and the leash/collar were still in the box, I am absolutely not clear that that was a gift for me. I pinged them to say they’d left something behind and could either return for it or I’d mail it. No reply.
And btw, my cat is a bengal cat. Not sure if you’re familiar with the breed, but he’d be more likely to walk me on a leash than vice-versa! Lol!


I acrually had it happened with few months long term guests. All in their 30s. Also very scarrsed communication.
Paid me just fine…last month when they left right before hurricane of 2017. They were supposed to extend…thats what pissed me off…at least say something . I blocked calendar for them .
When we walked in house was somewhat cleaned …no damages …but…tons of goodies left . Half of it went to Africa as donations.
Many shoes hardly worned …if I was smaller size I could fit into Valentino left clothes .
Partum, glasses …and crutches . Along with motorcycle helmet and very expensive boots .


I’ve had that happen. I’ve had people who were local say they would come back and pick up items and they didn’t.

As for the Bengal walking you…well if the guest knows that maybe it is a subliminal passive aggressive message.

No, I don’t find it odd at all. Some guests want to be your temporary best friends and others simply wish that you weren’t around. Both are perfectly ‘normal’.

Is it in your rules that guests should say goodbye to you when they leave? If not, then I wouldn’t even mention it in the review. If you did, then yes, they broke a house rule.

I’m not sure what made you think that? The fact that they left a couple of days early? That happens. Or were there other issues that you haven’t mentioned?

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Nope. Nothing else odd. I did politely ask them to please either close windows or turn off AC when they’d first arrived and they’d gone out for the day with all the windows open and the AC blasting. (It was 95 degrees F outside). I thought that was a reasonable request. Maybe they thought I was being fussy?
Anyway, based on the feedback here I guess I’m over-thinking the early check out and no reply to messages. I’ll write a simple review saying that they were pleasant guests. I can’t in good consciousness say more or less, so it will be my briefest review to date. Most of my guests stay 30 days+ and I’ve always had a nove rapport with them. But I keep my distance unless needed…my own schedule is too busy to be super involved with guests. I guess the utter lack of rapport just threw me. But I’m over it. Thanks all.


Were they quiet and clean? Did they follow rules? Those things can be helpful. Even saying checked out early (good for me) but didn’t let you know so you were a bit worried about them. That makes you seem kind and conscientious.


I’m going to agree. This is definitely odd.

Similar situation happened to me which is why I no longer block or hold rooms/homes for anyone.

I would just be glad they left before the 30 days was up and they became tenants



It could be where they come from cats are predominantly keps as indoor only pets and taken for walks on harness - especially ‘valuable’ breeds like Bengals as opposed to moggies. As you probably know Bengals are very active and need plenty of stimulation. They don’t do too well as indoor only cats & get destructive to amuse themsleves. Maybe they left the leash as a gift trying to be thoughtful, especially if they know someone who has a Bengal and takes it for walks themselves & assumed your puddy was a mainly indoor only cat as that’s what they’re used to back home?

Since we are fantasizing…

Maybe they needed an attribute for their webcam business, but it did not fit her, and did not bother to send it back.

And yes, spotty wifi is no good, no one pays for stuttering choppy porn.

Yes, they made porn in your listing, that is why they were avoiding you.


I ussualy di2nt hold rioms for anyone too…but these stayed long time

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Sounds like they thought leaving early would get them into trouble.if they were all paid up and your place wasn’t wrecked- no worries on your behalf.
In your review be clear and to the point.
Did they leave the place in a tidy state, how was the communication etc etc.
The world is full of people with ’quirks’- we hosts just want them to be tidy and respectful of our accomodation!

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Sometimes the business they had in your area was complete. Or they were called away on business. Your review is a simple matter of sticking to the facts.

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Hi Newbiehost, Maybe the cat has all the answers for you … maybe the cat used their Amazon account to order herself something pretty ?



I do find it very very odd though. Its a simple courtesy to thank your host and At least let yoir host know that premises are vacant.
In my case I refused some inquiries thinking that these guys will stay another couple weeks .
Lost money.
Then house was left unattended .One of us sleeps there if house is empty. Then they caused me 800$ bills in water becuse of running toilet. Judging by water usage it happenes on last days when they were there . One of them slammed toilet handle .
AC was set on 69F and running non stop for 3 days while no One was there.
It doesn’t take lots of effort to send text