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LONDON: do you find it harder to find guest in summer time too?


Hello guys

I find it harder to get guests in my London flat in summer time. My guess is it’s because many Londoners go on holiday and there are a lot of available flats on the market. Do you agree?



Hey bcadou,

London is an very competitive market for airbnb hosts, which make it difficult to maintain a high occupancy rate. Looking at what other hosts in the area are doing can be really helpful. There is a bunch of data and analytics on the website AIRDNA which could really help you optimize your listing!


It’s our first year of airbnbing in London but we are maintaining about 95% occupancy rate through July and August. Our occupancy rate went down a little so we lowered our price a little. We accept 1 night stays which helps fill in gaps. We’ll be interested to see if our rate dips come wintertime.

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