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Local guide for guests


I notice that a common offer to guests is a city map and a useful places list to go. Like markets, pharmacy, hosts recommend the restaurants and bar that he like.

Since I notice that behavior and I worked as iOS developer, I clued this insights into a app that the hosts can offer to their guests to make a great impression and to be very useful too.

For example:

Kevin is a Spanish guy that rent 1 bedroom in Chelsea/NYC, he likes basketball, spanish food, good wines and know the best spots for deserts in their neighborhood.
Now he have their own app called “Kevin Guide” avaliable for free to download. And he recommend the download to their guests and promote this at Airbnb profile.

I’m a little crazy about this ideia or some people here can find this very cool tool to help hosts and guests?

thank you!

see u

Have you tried Citymaps? I’ve been using it to create lists of all the places near my house, and it gives my guests a great map to see where all the places are located. I can also add my personal recommendations to each place, so they know the best things to do! You can see my map here:

They also have a really great app, which is free, and it works offline too, in case your guests don’t have or want to use their data plans.


I really enjoyed using this website when I went to my airbnb host in Tokyo. Before I even got to Tokyo I spoke with a local travel expert that gave me all the best places to go and told me about the special events that were going on in that time. I really enjoyed my time in Tokyo because I trusted my local expert’s advice and got to see magical things that other wise I think I would have not seen or even dreamt about. Voyjer provides you with the best experiences when traveling and I wish the company existed years ago.

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