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Loan based on future revenues

Hi I’m new here but have been hosting for a year. I tried to get a small business loan from my bank and they asked me “What is Airbnb” Has anyone had any luck getting a loan using Airbnb revenue as a source for repaying?

I haven’t tried, but I would be surprised if you were successful. As I said on another post; there are so many factors that could reduce Airbnb income. Some factors are local laws, local competition, your ratings as a host, etc.


I tried and failed despite showing them a very healthy ‘future transactions’ printout…

I would not give a loan based on a “future transactions” print.
Especially when it is from 1 single source.

Most banks expect at least 3 years of history, and a forward plan.

And as a bank I would expect you to have a good amount of guests from multiple sources. And AirBnB-only based income is too much of a risk.

Sorry @Chris, my reply was too simplistic. My loan application included my full set of accounts from the past four years from my accountant along with a clean credit history, no debt and a mortgage free home. Times are tough and banks are extra wary right now (here in New Zealand anyway…)


That is very strange.
Here in Europe you would be the favorite target for Banks.

A mortgage free home, would be the perfect security for a loan.

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Times are tough everywhere. In US mortgage laws became even more harsher in August. After what happened here with real estate market crashing

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