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Listings in Another Town Using My Town's Name - thoughts?

The only issue I have with this method (I use it as well) is that not all listings always show up! Sometimes I am looking in an area and there are listings that I know of and they are not showing up until I zoom in on that particular place, below street level zoom. I understand they list certain ones higher th an others based on their algorithm but it does a disservice to not show all the listings in an area on the map view.

Fine if there are 20 listings in the same apartment building or something there will be a pile of 20 pins and only one can be on top I understand. That would require further zooming, understandably.

I just wish they wouldn’t exclude certain listings in map view.

No, I’m not booked as much as I’d like. I don’t see other hosts as taking business I should have, but they are booked more with fewer amenities, so I’d like to even the playing field and “take” their business! :wink:

The geographic misrepresentation when they’re in a trailer park in the next town … bugs me. But I’ll just keep on working it.

I am promoting my business as well other ways and working on repeat business, too. Next step is Black Friday TV sale in the guest bedroom.

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@casailinglady, a kind of wild idea. What if you stayed as a guest at one of the Airbnbs that misrepresents where they’re located? Stay there and then review them very honestly in every category, particularly about location?

Maybe it wouldn’t be enough to make a difference, but it’s a thought. Crazy?

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Ha! Interesting thought, but expensive and they may not take a local. I’m just going to concentrate on marketing and making my place more inviting.

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