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Listings can´t move location

Hi I am having trouble with my listing. I cant edit the address for my listing or the precise location. It is not possible on the app or on the web page. It is very troublesome as the guests don´t get the precise address or location for my apartment. When I try to change the location it always goes back to the same location as it was before, and says that "listings cant move location, create a new listing…"
This is not a entirely new address, I simply need to add the house number on the address. So creating a new listing is not necessary.

I’d try talking to Airbnb. Try https://twitter.com/AirbnbHelp, it seems like the least awful option…

There is a list of support numbers for the various countries pinned to the top of the forum. That’s your best bet.

You won’t be able to change this on your own; you do have to call them.

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