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Listing thoughts? Thx in advance!


We are in NC and use State Farm. We’ve had State Farm auto and home for ages, and we were pleasantly surprised to learn we were able to add the short-term rental for a reasonable price.

Your home is absolutely stunning, and I’m sure you’ll do extremely well. I’d consider adding an additional guest fee for over four guests. If you decide to accept children (I understand the deck area is a concern), you’ll open up a much wider guest pool.

The Asheville MSA is tops for Airbnb in NC, with our location, Charlotte, in second place. We get lots of residents from Asheville, as well as tourists visiting both Charlotte and Asheville.

Best of luck to you!


@JamJerrupSunset - I can’t guarantee that Air is using the right terminology, but what you described (shown in a search) is technically an “impression”. A view should be when someone clicks on your listing.

On VRBO, we get over 20,000 impressions per month, but only 500-800 views per month. In the course of a year, we get about 30 bookings from VRBO (mostly week-long), so our conversion rate is under 1/2 percent.

Others may have much higher conversion rates - we are in a “bucket list” fly-to location and are priced on the high end, so we get a lot of “window shoppers” that aren’t really looking to book.


The views are under progress with the booking rate next to it. But I also get the lightbulb telling me people booked at a cheaper place or that I should set up discounts for certain weeks. I guess the views are people that clicked into my listing but the lightbulb is from a search that I was visible in?


I get this all day every day and ignore it. If you are set up to take relatively last minute bookings then hold out for those. If you need people to book earlier (like if you are waiting to schedule your own use around the booked times) then maybe experiment with their price tips. Since you only have a couple of reviews you might want to keep your price a little lower but I agree with those that say your place at current prices is an incredible value.


Hello! When you called State Farm, did they quote you a standard homeowner policy or a rental policy? I talked to a gentleman in Waynesville and he was telling me that I need a rental policy and then to up the limits for personal property in the rental, but that doesn’t sound quite right, considering the rate he quoted me is too good to be true. Do you mind advising what type of policy you have? I was going to call a different State Farm agent but remembered your post and thought maybe you would know better since you have this … thanks!


I’m not the person you replied to, but I have State Farm. My agent set it up so I have regular HO insurance with a short term rental add-on, along with an umbrella policy that covers up to $1m. The short term add-on and umbrella are around $20/month total, on top of my regular HO.


@Allison_H Hi, State Farm is charging you just $240 per year for rental insurance? Mine is way more than that. It’s over 2k per year.
Who else out there pays as much as me? I’d really appreciate some feedback. I’ve been w Airbnb for about 7 mos. Went from long term yearly rental to short term around Nov. of last year. Thanks


I pay $1049/year for HO insurance. The home rental endorsement added $121 and the $1m umbrella at an extra $132. So in total $1,302/year.

(That’s for a 1911 stick built house in the midwest with a replacement max of $233.9k)


Your place looks very nice! It is beautifully designed and thoughtfully furnished.


Well its still 1/2 of what I pay…2700. When I rented long-term I paid about 700…both per year. Why is insurance for st rentals so high?
My house is a one-level ranch in Georgia. Built in 1972. New everything…hvac, water heater, etc.
I don’t even have a BBQ! My LT rental was w USAA, but they don’t cover ST, so went w Foremost( an affiliate). Maybe I need to call State Farm…


So sorry! I have been on vacation and just saw your post. We also have a rider(s) to our regular homeowners policy. We have a $2M umbrella policy and full replacement for the structure and contents. We have a stand-alone carriage house over our garage, so it is covered on its own. I believe it adds about $75 a month to our normal bill. Hubby is going to pull the policy for me, so if something is substantially different, I’ll update.


Thank you and I hope you had a great vacation!


We did, and we again stayed at Airbnbs. It is always a learning experience for us, and we seem to take both things to add and things to avoid each time!

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