Listing on Mansion house but no bites?

Hi everyone , Have I done something wrong with my listing to not get any bites on it.
It could be the home is simply too extravagant for families to rent and not for the airbnb market.
Perhaps I need to focus far more on small weddings and celebrations.
I’m really open to ideas and advice
I am also considering setting it up as it’s own website and to list it on wedding websites.
Im not really sure what way to go with it currently so feel free to let me know your thoughts. I always am so grateful for this forum and the wonderful thoughtful advice some people give me.

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I can’t see any pictures. Also, the minimum stay is too long for weddings, parties.
The write up describing site is far too long and wordy, my eyes glazed over.

beautiful home, and you’re right, it may be too much for this platform, or at least as its presented. I think you’d get more attention with a few simple fixes; shorter descriptions *as suggested (the pics speak for themselves), even less listed rules/conditions (leave the ‘how to clean the bbq grill convo’ for the post-booking stage), consider splitting into two properties (home and cottage), and lastly, probably most importantly, i’d drop the 3 night minimum.

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I found the photos easily enough. What a fabulously lovely estate/mansion! I must say, it’s really on the posh side for AirBnb, unless guests are looking for a destination wedding sort of venue. The space can accommodate at least the major players – bridal couple and both sets of parents. I don’t think a 3 night minimum is too long for that sort of event.

Your descriptions are wonderful – but far, far, too long and wordy.

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The Dandenong Ranges are lovely.

First, you need to figure out who your audience is. Is it wedding and events? If so, AirBNB is probably not the place for the listing. I would hook in to wedding and event companies either locally or in Melbourne/Sydney to get on their radar. Considering contacting Asian travel companies for travellers from Sinapore/Hong Kong who might be interested. Also, your listing uses the words “art deco” and “mansion” but - to be honest - this isn’t art deco architecture, and would the word “mansion” put local people off?

Second, when my husband looked at the listing, he said, “I’d be concerned that it is not a genuine place.” This is because the photos are watermarked, and there are no reviews. Did you use the photos from a rental or house sale? Take advantage of AirBNB’s photographing service.

If you stay on AirBNB (or even if you leave), I would relook at your pricing model. The headline price is $400 per night but on the weekend, it’s $500 per night. You also have a $2,000 security deposit which is extraordinary. The other accommodation in your area (AirBNB and others like Clarendon Cottages and Marybrooke) are far friendly in terms of the financials. Also, despite the $250 cleaning fee, you bang on and on about cleaning up thoroughly.

To put it in perspective, if I wanted to head up to the Ranges for a weekend with my friends; I’d have to set aside a 3 night minimum (so it can’t just be a weekend away), pay $1,400 for accommodation plus a $250 cleaning fee plus a $2,000 security deposit plus whatever AirBNB will charge for a service fee. Oh, and you might hit up my security deposit if the pots aren’t scrubbed down thoroughly. So for $1,650~ I can stay at your place, which is nice but not worth $1,650.

I would

  • revisit the wording on your listing to make it more welcoming, authentic and hospitable;
  • revisit the photography for your listing so it’s less corporate and more authentic
  • set a flat price per night regardless of weekend/weekday;
  • adjust the minimum nights to 2 nights;
  • put together a website;
  • if you know where most of your inquiries are coming from, pay for Google Ad Words targeting those audiences

It is a lovely house. Best of luck.


There are incredibly high-end properties on Air that rent for thousands of dollars per night. $500/night is easily within range for 2 middle class families traveling together. The issue is def not the price or that it’s too high-end. Unless you’re in an undesirable area, I actually think your nightly rate is too low but it’s a great introductory price until you get a few reviews.

Are you in an area that’s a getaway from the city?

@chicagohost, the Dandenong Ranges are about an hour outside of Melbourne, Australia.

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Hi everyone , wow! Thankyou so much for the thought out answers, and for putting in the time to respond. So looks like I have some work to do on the description.
I have been given some really constructive advice and I will put it in into action and see if I can improve the interest.
Thanks again and I really don’t know who I would have asked if it wasn’t for this forum :pray:

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Breath taking - fantastic - lovely -

I would make it easier on those shopping listings -

  1. Organize your photos so that pics of a room are consecutive. Think of it as a walking tour of the home. I usually would say start with the bedrooms, but in your case, no. The pool is a lovely start - now walk them into the house, room by room. Were they professional photos? They are very nice.

  2. Organize and cut your description as well. It jumps around. Like @Louise, I just lost interest. Your photos say almost everything you need to say. Keep the description short, sweet, and just include information they are going to want to know - about caterer access, etc.

If I were in your shoes I would spend a lot of time reviewing listings for other such places. Put yourself in the role of the buyer. Do it late at night when you’re very sleepy. You’ll get the idea real quick - no one wants to read a long wordy description when they are slogging through listings.

Good luck, and welcome to the forum!!

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Beautiful place - I think the price seems cheap for that house. If you are trying to do events - I think the price should be much more. Maybe try another platform - like VRBO/Homeaway.


It indeed is gorgeous and I think that in US dollars, its a steal for $500. Too wordy with too many embellished words. I’m thinking that the photos and watermark is from a Realtor listing? Maybe professional photos in AU require watermarks? For a wedding, three days is perfect - set up, day of event, day to relax.

The other thing that might put people off is the cleanup, perhaps you can offer a set price with extras as needed ie if there is a lot of garbage for a crew to come and clean. After a wedding I’d be too wiped to do the post cleanup. Agree price is too low.

My response to this listing seems to be a bit different. I don’t want to stay in a home that has been decorated like a magazine shoot. The listing includes so many admonitions about breaking the furniture that I found myself wondering if this furniture was too fragile. Now, I have never broken a piece of furniture in my life, and I found myself a bit anxious about the damage you were expecting me to do. The huge security deposit reinforces the feeling that there is an assumption that the guest will screw up.

Nor would I consider having a party or wedding event in such a place for many of the same reasons. It looks like you have removed all the instructions on when and how dishes should be washed which is good. Reminded me of my first whole house booking. The hostess declared at least 6 times that we were not to pee in the pool, like we were somehow stupid enough not to know this or respect her pool. [It is now an inside family joke “Pas de peepee dans la piscine.”

There is certainly a place for your home on AirBNB, but I wonder if your pricing is too high for budget travelers, and too low for luxury travelers.

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You just said what I was thinking :slight_smile:

At first, I thought that the interior photographs were fake because its just too clean, sparkling and pristine. But then I noticed a few things such as unruly power cords that made me realise that yes, they are real photographs. But they look terribly staged and possibly photoshopped - somehow too good to be a place to relax in.

A spectacular house like that in my area would easily get 3 or 4 times your listed rate. Not sure price is the problem…

Lowering the nightly min might help. Raising your very low cleaning fee could help make up the difference on shorter stays.

The only thing I found a little confusing was the mention of multiple properties. Either list it all as one package, or separate them into two listing, or both.

I AGREE ! What a bargain !

It is priced too low ! ! I would absolutely require a minimum of 3 nights…or even more.
I used to have a 5 nights minimum and did fine, and I turned away wedding groups week after week because I did not want them. It is a great niche.
Shorten the description with bullet points.
List it on tripadvisor and vrbo, and communicate to all the wedding planners.
Fabulous place!
Also remember to require event insurance for your protection by the renters each and every time.

The house is really amazing! One thing which you can do is rent only a portion of the entire house instead of the whole and be limit the services accordingly. You can also list you house in many of the wedding portals such as The Knot, wedding wire etc…I recently attended my friends wedding at a place called The Addison, which she found on the Internet, where she had rented only one part of the open air venue, , and

It is an amazing mansion, and I will recommend to friends who need this kind of experience. I just wonder for property of this size, is a cleaning fee of $250 really enough? Do you need to subsidise for a complete clean?

@Niika_Daria_Briskin there are rental platforms that cater to high-end luxury rentals.

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