Lisbon (Portugal) comes up with novel solution to reduce STR numbers

Lisbon mayor offering STR landlords €1,000 a month if they rent their properties, for a period of five years, to the city in order to provide low cost housing for locals.

On the basis that you can pay that for a single week in Lisbon, I don’t think it’s surprising that on 177 landlords have expressed interest. Also, once the period is up, you are barred from putting it back to STR.

I know folks travel patterns will change in the short/medium term, but I don’t think many more will take him up on it.


I can just imagine what state those properties would be in after renting them out for 5 years without the host having control of what went on there. A lot of them would probably have to gutted and redone.


As a host I am definitely pro Short-Term Rentals in cities but I do see a problem within some European cities especially.

However, I believe that the right way to handle this would be to work with each other: the short-term rental market, the city, the citizens rather than turning our backs on it.

After the financial crisis in 2008, short-term rentals have really helped people in Berlin to stay financially stable. So it has not just been beneficial for the big guys…

Unfortunately the common element that disrupts what could be the perfect symbiotic relationship is always greed.

To be frank, our city is no different, sadly.


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