Link to Guidebook

Do you send confirmed guests the link to your Airbnb guidebook? If so, where do you find the link?

And do you also print the guidebook for guests to use after they arrive?

Following… I have the same questions…



We have a hard copy guide book that is far better (informative?) than the online Airbnb version, plus we have a lot of direct and BDC customers where it’d be inappropriate to direct to the Airbnb site.


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The link is on your profile and on your listing, the format is[]=/guidebooks/XXXXX

The last 5 digits (“XXXXX”) will be your unique identifier.

No, I don’t send or print it. It’s right there on the listing, and on the owner profile, if they want to look at it.

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Okay. Thanks for the info, @LoneStar. Do you know if your guests use it?

Do guests ever take it with them? And then you just reprint it?

I’d chase after them and chop their fingers off if they did that!

But seriously, no. It’s in a hard sided folder so obvious that it isn’t a takeaway item. We’ve had the contents mentioned several times in reviews; all bars, tabancos, bodegas, restaurants and cafes road tested by yours truly!



No they receive a link to it on their booking confirmation @RebeccaF so no need for separate link.

I also provide a more detailed printed guide book.

I have seen guests turn up with printed copies of my guidebook.


I can only presume that they do based on the “Local Tips” badges. Nobody has explicitly mentioned it and frankly it’s about the last thing on my mind when I’m messaging with them so I have never mentioned it myself.

How many guests even look at it? Who knows. I’d be curious about that; Air surely has some click stats.

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I have a printed version in my rental which has never been taken by a guest. The last 4 or 5 guests have mentioned it to me directly and interestingly 2 guests have even quoted my comments on a couple of places I had listed. It made me smile that they found it informative and entertaining. I had updated it two months ago and the new layout seems to really resonate with my guests.

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I have different lists that I print out for guests - depending on their needs/reason for visit/etc. If they take them or they get mucked-up, I just print new copies. I can also send PDFs of then ahead of time for people who want them.

I have a pretty extensive Guide Book filled out on ABB, but I don’t know if anyone looks at it or not. No one has ever mentioned it.

Same as @JohnF – our “guidebook” is a 3" ring binder with plastic protectors for the pages – chef-tested recipes, other menu items they didn’t order for breakfast, how to run the AC, how to use the TV controllers, local beaches map and descriptions, other local activities, etc…

We jokingly tell them that there will be a test in the morning, which they have to pass before I bring out their first breakfast!