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Linen bedsheets?


Just the burn test. It was fun! I don’t remember what the result was, but I remember being satisfied that I had guessed correctly.


My dream, when I started my Airbnb was to have vintage linen sheets, but they proved too expensive. However, in my ideal world I would have them, or better still, the linen you have spoken about. They do crease but I think that’s acceptable with linen - it’s part of the charm. Linen also ages beautifully.


I splurged on a couple nights at Deetjen’s Inn in Big Sur and slept on linen sheets for the first time - they’re lovely. I think they may iron theirs.

After a few years I bought a set for myself - they start off somewhat stiff and need several washings to get to a comfortable softness, but there’s something about the breathability and texture that you just can’t get in cotton. It feels like a special treat to sleep in them.

As much as I love them, I’m not sure I’d buy them for my guest beds. My guest sheets almost always have to be replaced due to stains, not wear from use/washing. The 100% cotton sheets and duvets clean up well and aren’t too expensive to replace when stained. Replacing my cotton bedding is a reasonable cost of doing business, but I’d have a hard time affording to do the same with linen. And asking guests to fork over $200-300 for a stained duvet would feel unreasonable.


I love wearing linen, esp in the summer. I find men’s linen shirts for a few $ at thrift stores. I’d love to hav linen sheets, had a pair of Irish linen pillowcases and loved sleeping on them.


Probably trying to tell housewives not to waste money? Old and sexist perchance?


Chiming in waaay late to the party (would this be considered the linen bedsheets discussion after-party?) :grin:

Last winter I’d purchased a duvet cover set (duvet cover, 2 pillow cases and bought an additional 2 pillow shams as well) which is (I just ran to check) 55% cotton, 45% linen. In case you want to look it up - @faheemm, I just went to look more closely at the company name - it’s Maspar and they’re made in India - if that’s of any help. It can’t be put in the dryer/bleached (but to remind myself, I tape the card from the bedding on the dryer so I don’t make an expensive boo boo), as I believe any linen can’t (could be wrong). On the photo, it also shows wrinkles. Like us, it just shows that wrinkles reflect quality! :wink:

It’s super breathable and lovely. It wasn’t cheap (even on sale). Given that my place is nowhere near a luxury (shared) home, I’d never consider using them for guests. Like someone else mentioned above earlier, I generally wouldn’t use anything for guests that would matter to me if it was broken/damaged/rendered useless.

After making sure that every guest room has a new/new to me bed, bedding, rugs, pillows, comforters, etc. etc. I FINALLY bought myself a brand new bed (my first since my teens), which sadly doesn’t go with said linen bedding. It’s just occurred to me to look up dyeing them - must google after writing this!

I’m super picky about the bedding I sleep on. To the same extent, I only offer my guests bedding I’d have no problem sleeping on. A lot of the lovely (and inexpensive) bedding sets I purchase for guests are cotton/poly blend. Previously, I’d only had cotton but you can guess what happened to those - stains that didn’t come out and so they ended up not being useable for guests. So they still stain/bleed on cotton/poly sheets but it’s easier to get out, for some reason.

Also? My latest discovery is bamboo bedding (it’s rayon made from bamboo but luxurious, lightweight, breathable). Apparently I’m on a roll - these have to be washed just with baking soda and vinegar in rinse cycle - hang dried. Such a joy to sleep on!

Now am obsessing with vintage bed linens - going to search…


i wouldnt do linen sheets but linen duvet covers and pillow cases are so soft and nice, and i like the creased look, i have h&m linen duvet covers on my beds, and you dont have to iron it because its naturally creased!


I can do that in inner city Bristol @Magwitch :slight_smile:


Hi @HappyHost,

I just happened to see your comment right now - rather late. Thank you for the pointer. I see that Masper has a website and also sells on Amazon India. But I don’t see any linen on sale.


Linen gets extremely soft after multiple washes and is considered one of the best breathable sheets but they do wrinkle easily. Alternative bedding with the same advantages but soft from day 1 are bamboo or tencel sheets. they don’t wrinkle as easily, are hypoallergenic and thermal regulating. Plus they are extremely SOFT!
Check out shopplushdecor for amazing bedding!

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