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Liability insurance for furniture and personal property on rental

I know there is insurance that covers damage caused by guests but I am just trying to cover my bases and wondering if there is a type of insurance that would cover me if a house cleaner broke in and stole things or someone off the street broke in. What type of policy would that be under?

Those things are covered by your basic homeowners insurance policy. Surely you have that – unless you own outright both the land your home is on and the home itself is completely paid for. No mortgage company in the US would let you NOT have homeowners insurance.

Most homeowners policies do not work if you are doing Air-type short term rentals. If your homeowners policy agency finds out you are doing short-term rentals, they can, and will, cancel you in a heartbeat. They will require you to have a commercial policy – which is what long term rentals are covered by.

Our pre-AirBnB homeowners policy was $1100 a year, including huricane coverage. Now it’s $4000 a year for the same thing. One supposedly Air-friendly insurance company wanted to charge us $2000 a year, plus $5000 a year more for ‘wind’ coverage!.

Mine is fully a rental property so I have rental dwelling insurance on the building rather than regular homeowner’s, but it doesn’t cover personal property inside the house.

@barefootNM you are a renter and yet offering your property as a STR? Let me just say this is a very hot button topic on this forum, and that is an understatement. You will not find a lot of support for renters who host.

As for insurance for homeowners, I was very lucky to be near a market which has a LONG history of STR - the Adirondack Mountains of NYS. My have a homeowners policy with a local company which allows me to rent up to half the year. It is Waaaay cheaper than a full on landlord policy.

I didn’t read the statement the same way. What I read is, barefoot owns a house that is only used for rentals, so she has a standard commercial rental policy which doesn’t include the contents of the home.

Of course, as always, I could be misunderstanding.

Yes, what @smtucker said. I am a landlord and my rental house is used entirely for Airbnb, I don’t live there so I can’t get a homeowners policy. I have a landlord policy which covers the building but not the contents.


Ah! Very good!! :+1:

I have comet insurance for Liability issues and have a security deposit for those odd things. I know there will be the wear and tear on my place and factor that in in deprecation cost.

Never have anything you would be heartbroken to have missing in a listing.

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@barefootNM Call your insurance carrier and ask for them to add personal property coverage to your policy.

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