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Lesson Learned!


Got the inquiry for a stay about one week in advance. Brand New Airbnb user.

Guest: Graduation at University

Youre’s is a great web site. We love C******.

Guest: Puts in dates he wants but does not book.

US: We pre-approved you to book. Look forward to meeting you. If you’ve already found other accommodations, we understand.

Guest: Should I pay now? Please advise how to do so. (inserts telephone # and email which are blocked by Airbnb)
Do you have check in times? We will be driving from T - about 3 hours away. How do I find you on C?

Now mind you, asking about check in times is a red flag that he did not read much if any at all of the listing. Trying to be helpful I respond:

Us: You will book on the Airbnb website, there should be a summary of the reservation. They will take your CC info & payment and not release it to us until the day of your arrival. You will get all the information once you have booked, including our exact address. C… is very small and you will easily find us. I think Airbnb sends you directions. Our check in is from 3-8 pm. I recommend that you use a desktop or laptop to book as the app is a bit unfriendly in my opinion! Let me know how you do

Guest: I need help on registering. Can you call me? Cell: blocked by Airbnb office: blocked by airbnb. Thanks

THIS IS WHERE I should have blocked the dates and ceased communication!

But US: I’m sorry but Airbnb blocks your telephone number, If you call them they should be able to help you. I’m sorry they make it complicated for first time users but once you get all your info to them it will go smoothly. Just google for their number, if I put it here, they will block it.

Guest: I can’t seem to find a way into Airbnb that shows me how to pay. It keeps asking me for a photo which I have already provided ? Did you get my photo? Please try me on my office computer: email blocked . Thnx

It goes on and on and I finally call airbnb to get them to call him and help. He has trouble to the end with the Airbnb rep calling me 3x exasperated as to what the guest doesn’t understand.

It’s finally resolved, they booked they are here since yesterday and the neediness goes on and on and on, they have a car but wanted to use uber to go to the graduation but he couldn’t figure out how. They asked for breakfast at 8:00 and showed up at 10:30, they finally left at 1:45 for the luncheon and ceremony after I convinced them that driving 6 miles to the restaurant is a better option than uber. Did have to print out driving directions through Google maps even though he has an iPhone! They left a take out box of food in the room from last night which I only spotted since they left the door open and we specifically ask for no food or drinks in the room except water. They couldn’t figure out a few other obvious things as well but I’ll just skip that part. Nice people but very, very needy and oblivious to anyone else.

Bottom Line, I’ve learned my lesson, if they can’t figure out how to book I’m blocking the days so they can’t!

Here’s my review which I will leave whether they review us or not (pretty sure they won’t figure out how to leave a review!) What do y’all think?

Names changed to protect the guilty!

While Watson & Clare are lovely people, we as hosts feel that they would be better suited to a hotel with concierge services.


I like a more explicit review. Suited to a hotel can mean many different things.


Oh dear I do feel for you @Maggieroni.

Is it wine o’clock over your way yet :blush:


That’s why I put in concierge services. I could add that they needed a lot of personalized support. I think as a host I would read into suited to a hotel as a clear non-recommendation for an Airbnb (if that’s a word lol)


We are going to an event this evening and I’m already planning my cocktail! We gave them a key as we will be back late, I’m already concerned that they will not figure out how to get back in! Or lose the key. You know, I think it is wine time Helsi!


@Maggieroni I have had similar experiences with clueless guests. Nowadays, if there’s too much hassle in the initial communication, I just give up. I don’t need clueless, needy people on my property.

Like my recent inquiry asking about the silence after 22:00 house rule, complaining that they cannot be “completely silent”. I’m still not sure whether they were trying to extort a license to party or were genuinely clueless. After a few messages I would even say the latter.

Back in the days I would’ve patiently explained to them that it is a standard rule, that most guests adjust their volume to the night’s silence and that most probably it won’t be an issue. Or send them million messages explaining what being loud means. :smile:

In the end I wrote them a rather direct message telling them that it is a rule enforced when on spot, as I cannot know how loud they will be, and that if they have any doubts, I would recommend them not to book my accommodation. They didn’t write anymore and I got an even longer booking extending through these days just a day later!:grin:

I honestly pity the person who will end up hosting them.


Yes clueless during reservation tends to mean clueless thereafter. I think the review is good but could be more explicit and a little longer. Nice might be a better adjective in this case than lovely.


Yes, that’s exactly right! I will use nice and mention they needed a lot of hand holding and did not read or follow the house rules.


I’m afraid that a more lenghty review would end up sounding petty to potential guests. With these needy people it is hard to pinpoint what exactly is bothersome; every request on it’s own might be ok. It’s more about the cummulative effect of their requests.

I think Maggieroni’s review gives a good picture to the host about what kind of guests they’re getting in a few words. I know I would get the message.:grin:


I agree, I hate airing dirty laundry as my mom used to say. Better suited to a hotel is code language for don’t host them. Of course, I will also send Airbnb a thumbs down. Actually I truly believe they’d fare better in a hotel!


And it also depends on what kind of place they book. I honestly don’t need to know if people are nice because they are in their own space. I often mention that a guest was nice/kind/personable because they may spend time with other hosts. I need to know about communication (too much or too little), following rules and if they are exceptionally clean or dirty. Noisy could be an issue. These guests occupied an inordinate amount of your time both before and during the booking. Maybe they will ask for your help writing a review as well! LOL.


@KKC you crack me up! I think they’d drive any host nuts no matter what kind of accommodation. However, I’d love to help with my review,
Host was amazingly accommodating even though we were major pita’s.
We’d love to return but our welcomes are always short lived! Five thousand stars!


LOL. That would be great. I’m kind of serious though. Since they are so clueless how will they know what to write? Or what the stars mean?


They will almost certainly think it’s not The Ritz so 3 stars. Maddening!


If and I say if, they figure it out I’m pretty sure they’ll ding us lol!


My needy dude never wrote me a review, and considering how critical he was of everything, I was happy he didn’t! But he contacted me after about half a year with a tearful message on how wonderful time they had and that they hope they’ll be back. My reaction - unseen. I know it’s maybe rude but the guy was testing my nerves for 10 days straight.


That happens in real life too. Some people seemingly have no idea how trying they are


Good for you remembering them. I’m hopeless. I get a reminder saying ‘write a review for Tom’ and I think ‘who the hell was Tom?’

Then I realise he’s the bloke who checked out that morning.



Trust me, you would remember this guy!:sweat_smile:


I got the feeling that the guest was doing his darndest to contact you directly and bypass the Airbnb system. It’s remarkable how many people don’t follow up on my suggestion to contact Air customer service in their country.

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