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Legal Issues in Los Angwles


HI Everone! I am new here and am looking to post an apartment on AirBnB in Los Angeles. I have read that there are some legal issues popping up in different states but I know it’s okay in California. Has anyone ever had a problem subleasing in LA?


I heard you’re supposed to register with the city but I don’t think a lot of people are doing it, so you’re probably fine…


Hi Lisa,

From what we’ve heard from Beyond Pricing hosts, they’ve been fairly lenient.

The city is, however, considering how they will regulate it:


Thanks guys! How do I find out which apartment buildings will allow me to sublease through Airbnb? I am ready to do it, but it’s been heard finding the buildings that will let me lease it out.


@HostLisa - you simply need to ask your landlord whether or not they permit it. We’ve seen a lot of places in downtown LA that are fairly friendly to Airbnb.


Most large buildings, in my experience, don’t really like it. I’m not familiar with LA, but you may have better luck with “boutique” style buildings, rather than very large buildings with 1000ish units.

If it’s an apartment building, you have to check with building management.

If it’s a condo/coop building, you have to 1) check with the landlord you’re renting from and 2) check with the condo/coop association rules (that the property owner should be familiar with). Many HOAs restrict renting for periods of less than 6 months.

Not sure why 6 months seems to be such a magic number, but I’m guessing it has to do with master insurance policies.

I’ve also never done this before, but I’d imagine it’s not unheard of for a landlord to ask for a “cut” of the profits of subleasing, especially if it turns out to be lucrative. If I were you, I’d be mum on the specifics of your subleasing plans.


Hey Lisa,

From the Airbnb hosts that MaidThis! Cleaning currently services in Los Angeles, I can tell you that most building in Los Angeles are pretty friendly to Airbnb hosts, although they won’t explicitly say so. I would recommend NOT getting a place with a front doorman or check in desk. Places where you’re allowed to have a lockbox are generally the best bet.

None of the leases will say that you’re allowed to sublease, but just make sure you read the lease to see strict they are. Make sure you look at the sublease agreement and check out the cancellation policy to make sure the penalty isn’t too large (just in case they tell you to stop!).

Hope this helps Lisa!
Neel, Founder of MaidThis! Cleaning

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