Legal and/or Regulatory Issues Beaverton, OR

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This is my first post to this forum, so I thank in advance any person(s) willing to help. I am attempting to gather information from hosts pertaining to legal and/or regulatory issues one may encounter when starting an AirBnB venture. It is my hope this post will reach hosts specifically in the City of Beaverton OR, though similar cities such as Sherwood, Newberg, Tigard, etc. may have similar rules, and therefore may be applicable so any information is greatly appreciated.

We’re you required to apply and obtain a permit/s, such as an Accessory Short-Term Rental Permit (ASTR) Type A or B, to rent out a room/rooms/separate apartment for Airbnb purposes?

I’ve read through the city of Portland’s requirements, but I’m not sure if these same rules and regs apply to surrounding cities in the area.

If you have any information pertaining to the subject, or any thoughts and/suggestions/resources you’re willing to share I would greatly appreciate it.

Again, thank you in advance and I look forward to reading through any/all responses.

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Remember this is an international forum. Asking about regulations in a specific town in a small US state is better answered by simply going to your own municipality and asking. Even if you find someone from your own town to answer, it’s still better to get advice from your own city or regulatory authority.

I appreciate the information your response, thank you.

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Are you in Washington County? I rent out in Washington County (address is Portland) and did NOT apply for the ASTR as it was only required by Multnomah County. We assured this with the county (though it was years ago that we started this process), and with other local airbnbers.

Besides that though, I keep up with all other Multnomah regulations just to be safe. And lots of insurance!

We too rented in Washington County (address in Portland) without the ASTR for about a year as we were told we were following regulations. Last fall, we received a notice in the mail that we were to immediately suspend our 2 room rentals as Washington County does not allow short-term rentals less than 30 days. :frowning:

We’re not exactly looking for guests to stay more than 30 days, so we ceased all rentals and closed our listing. We hope the county will reconsider.

They probably won’t unless you and the other AirBnB owners that had to shut down start attending county government meetings.

Rather than ask here, you should call your county government office and ask. Most local governments have web sites, and most of them have all the county laws and regulations online now. I have learned to never depend on someone’s opinion or memory of what the law is; I either ask the responsible party or look it up.