Leaving the guest a link

Can you leave the guest a link to your STR website for them to book their next stay with you in the inbox through Airbnb?

I’ve never tried but I imagine Airbnb might frown upon it. But the easiest way is to give guests a card with all your contact details including your URL when they are staying with you.


If you do this you take the risk of Airbnb stating that you are in violation of its off-platform policy and
suspending or removing you from the platform, or whatever remedies it has.

Ahhh ok. It sounded like something they would have a rule against I was just too lazy to look for it lol

Why would you want to do it through the Airbnb messaging? You can leave cards in the unit, or just tell guests that if they want to book again, and prefer to do it direct, to hang onto your phone number, give them your email address, or the link to your direct booking site and tell them they can contact you directly.

As I’ve said here before, I think that Airbnb offers a fantastic service but I have to disagree with them when they refer to repeat or future guests.

If an Airbnb guest stays with me then it’s my work, my attention to detail, my hospitality, my service levels etc. etc. etc. that makes those guests want to stay again.

There are several STRs within yards of my rentals - they have the same great location, the same view and, in the case of three apartments, are identical to mine in size and layout.

But I get the bookings plus the repeat and referral business because of what I offer.

As far as I’m concerned, Airbnb has done a great job introducing those guests to me but when they come back, staying with me and not one of my (less expensive neighbours) it’s because of the service I provided. They are my customers. now, not Airbnb’s.

End of rant. :slight_smile:


I feel the same way. But the wording of that policy is “Asking or encouraging guests to book outside of Airbnb…”

I neither ask nor encourage. I simply offer it as an option. If a guest preferred to book a repeat stay or extend through Airbnb, for whatever reason, I’m certainly not going to discourage them from doing so.

I had a guest a few months ago who sent a request for 3 nights (my minimum) and asked if I could “hold” 4 nights immediately after that, as he might want to stay longer. I explained that I wouldn’t hold dates, as that would prevent other guests from booking, and the “hold requester” might not follow through.

He wasn’t a newbie, so I had a pretty good idea what he was getting at- he wanted to stay a week, but avoid Airbnb fees for anything past my minimum and knew he couldn’t propose that through Airbnb messaging.
So he did book the 3 days, and as I didn’t have the 4 days booked after that booking, I accepted cold hard cash when he arrived, for the next 4 days. :wink:


Our website is full of useful information (activities, restaurant guides, etc.). So I send them a link to our website after they book talking about how helpful it will be for them to plan. They can also book through our website, but I never mention that in the messaging system.

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I send this text message after I check the place

Thanks for being a five star guest! We appreciate that you left the place in great shape and you are are welcome back anytime. I will review you this afternoon when I get the email from Airbnb Save my contact information and book direct next time and save the 3rd party fees. www.mywebsite.com

I am not worried about somebody snitching on me to Airbnb because people see they will get a discount, people like discounts. I also consistently get 5 stars from these guests. If I have any reason to think the guest may not want to come back ( like if I said no to a late check out) I would re word it to leave off the website suggestion


The only time they will snitch is if you get crossways with them later. I do almost all book direct now, I have enough repeat regulars that if Airbnb booted me, it wouldn’t matter. However, if that did happen I’d probably plead for mercy and hope they kept me on.

Like @muddy, I don’t ‘ask or encourage’ as such. But every guest has my card left on the dining table. There’s also a guidebook that says that guests are welcome to take home as a memento of their vacation. That too has my phone number, email address and URL.

Most repeat guests book direct but there are a few who book year after year through Airbnb. I’ve no idea why and I’ve never asked. Maybe they think that it gives some sort of automatic travel insurance it something - who knows.

Most hosts who have been in the business for a few years get plenty of repeat and referral business so Airbnb becomes less important to them.

I can’t imagine that this gradual tail-off bothers Airbnb when new hosts are coming on board all the time. This is just the organic nature of the business - some fade away, others replace them.

Therefore I rather suspect that the ‘repeat or future bookings’ that Airbnb specifies are rules aimed more at the large management companies that routinely use Airbnb and similar OTAs for the first introduction and then actively encourage guests to sidestep using Airbnb in the future.

I guess that would be the most likely- that they feel (quite possibly falsely) secure that if there was an issue, that Airbnb would come to their rescue. Or feel more secure about Airbnb holding their $ until 24 hrs after they arrive, than the host having their money as soon as they book. Although why they would be worried about issues at a place they had booked before, and a host they were familiar with seems odd.

Maybe some want to build up a history of good reviews?

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Yes, I think you hit the nail on the head there. :slight_smile:

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We’ve started giving guests a coffee mug with our website and a picture of our view on it. I throw in a few business cards into the mug, too. It costs $8 US per mug, but our price starts at $500 US a night and most guests stay at least five nights.


Excellent marketing. :slight_smile:



Per Airbnb Policy, it’s not allowed to send any type of link to the Guest, especially if it involves other rental institutions. I would recommend you simply leave a card, something that they can take with them after the check-out. It’s a lot of work (or not) but it’s safer and you don’t put your account in deputy.