Leaving guest review

Guest registered with only 2 people. Came with 3 people.
Came back home at 11:30 pm. Had taxi waiting for them outside and told me that they had so much noise (music, I think) that’s why they couldn’t hear the cab driver calling.

Expecting the worst, I sent a reminder on airbnb message that quite time 11pm-7am.
Woke up at 3 am with loud talking, laughing and banging.
Sent another message, until 3:30 am knock on their door.
They went to sleep.

Come check out time 11 am. Sent message telling I have another guest coming and need to start cleaning. They left 15 minutes after 11 am.

They left the place “fine” considering…
Found cigar (no smoking allowed) and took pictures, just in case

I talked to the guy on the phone before check in. He sounded fine and respectful (also when we talked to him at 3:30 am)
My thinking is the friends that causing all the fuss.

How many stars review should I give him (he had one 5 stars review prior booking)

3 or 4 overall (I need more info), 1 star on house rules, 5 on communication, 5 on cleanliness if he left it clean. If you allow unregistered guests on the property, stop allowing that. Next guest who pays for 2 and shows up with 3 gets charged for an additonal person or they can cancel and stay somewhere else.


I would ding the guest on cleanliness for the cigar smoke. Definitely would not give a 5.


One star! You don’t have to rate them on anything else if you don’t want to.
One star on house rules. They were not good guests. No way on earth they deserve four for anything. Disagree with 3 or 4. These are bad guests.

Unfortunately, I can not recommend xx. They brought one extra person not listed on reservation or paid for, created noise and disturbance inside and outside well after quiet time, (needing reminders twice) checked out 15 minutes late and left a cigar in a non smoking apartment. Thumbs way way down.


That’s great you took pictures and also had most of your conversations in the AirBnB messenger, so the staff can review if necessary.

Did he smoke the cigar, or just leave one behind? If he smoked it, this should be noted in the review and reflected in his cleanliness score. You may also charge your damage deposit for indoor smoking.

What is the maximum number of guests your listing accommodates? What is the fee for extra guests? If your place is listed as sleeping 3 at no extra charge, I would just say in the review their was a third guest who was not expected. If it only sleeps 2 and/or you charge for the third guest, you should charge them for this addition.


I agree if there was smoking. I’m not 100% clear on what happened here.

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I found out while cleaning they seemed to had pizza fight. I have to throw 2 of my white towels away. They used it to clean and wipe the spill ( soda/alcohol)

I didn’t call airbnb since i was busy prep for next guests. Airing out the smell (men perfume) and i am not sure if they did smoke the cigar. Since i did not find the cigar butt inside the trash but my husband think he smell smoke.

Not many. The stars aren’t as important as whether thumbs up or thumbs down (recommend or not) and what you write in the review. This is not a guest I would want! You need to tell it like it is so other hosts can decide for themselves.

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Now I say 1 star for cleanliness, 1 for rules, probably 3 overall and a thumbs down. I’m one who thinks because you are mad about one category you mark them down on all categories or skip the categories. For example if a guest brings an extra guest but is communicating and responsive at all stages then then get a 5 for communication, even if it’s a thumbs down. Guests do that to us and I don’t want to do that to guests. For example the guy (who has used Airbnb several times) gave 4 stars on accuracy, communication and check in but a 5 overall and a one word review “Nice.” Why 4 stars for accuracy? I think he is the only guy who has ever given me 4 for accuracy (out of over 350 reviews). He was just pissed because I called him out on arriving 2 hours before my check in time.

So please rate guests accurately on every category. Your bad review will not prevent them from booking my airbnb and I’d like to know what to expect when dealing with them.

I gave him 1 star and not recommended to other host.
He gave me 3 stars on accuracy because he didn’t read check in instruction on where to park and how to get in.
4 stars on location.
Charged him on my towels.
Change my IB to pre-approval
and thinking of minimum age of renting


Many of my most fantastic guests have been under twenty years old. Interestingly, people over 65 - 70 seem to be great too. The 25 - 40 age group seem to be the worst. Just a generalisation, I know…