Leave a bad review for single mom?

As a traditional B&B living on the premises, I have never had the experience of a dirty guest BUT I was intensely grateful for 2 honest reviews recently. The would-be guest asked for 2 adults and 4 children which worried me a little, then she added 2 infants so I checked the reviews! Wow! Almost as bad as ‘anon’ reported and the boys were throwing stones in the garden, causing damage. I refused her booking as ‘unsuitable for the number of guests’ but inwardly thanked the honest reviewers!


I am sorry but I don’t have any sympathy for a ‘single mom’. Your first red flag should have been 3 kids and 2 dogs? Sounds like a song and dance. Muddy is spot on! Disrespectful pig is being nice… She needs to be banned as a guest from Airbnb!

“While XX was pleasant and responsive in communication, the horror show of irretrievably damaged items, filth, and total disrespect for the property that greeted my cleaners and I upon check-out was shocking. It took 16 hours of cleaning to bring the place back to a rentable state, not to mention the expense of replacing all the destroyed and damaged items.”

This example is short, sweet, accurate and to the point. I’d change one word: Cleaners and “me” instead of cleaners and “I” is grammatically correct. Then you need to give her a seriously low star rating. This person has no business staying anywhere that doesn’t belong to her personally. I also like the bullet point review, but it’s pretty long… I’m so sorry this happened to you. It’s amazing that one terrible tenant (plus family and dogs) can destroy so much.

Being a single mom or single dad or mom/mom, dad/dad, mom/dad pair doesn’t matter. Whoever they are, did they leave the place a disaster? Then they get a bad review. If they can’t handle their dogs and kids and/or don’t care enough to clean up, they shouldn’t have booked in the first place.


Being a single Mom has nothing to do with the issue, she trashed your place and us Hosts need to know.
Your post reminds me why I don’t “ allow “ pets or small children.


I was a single dad of three boys - never once did i feel the need to lead with that information as an introduction to myself. The need to do so would have been a “red flag” to me. but that’s just me…

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