Leary of guest that booked

What would you do if a guest booked your place for 1 night and they live within the neighborhood and are having 10 guests which is the max amount of people your place can comfortably have. They also messaged me asking how many vehicles can fit at my place…i suspect this is a party waiting to happen. Her profile picture is is her holding a beer can and shes younger. I dont understand why someone would pay $200+ on a 1 night stay to have a party though, is this what kids are doing these days? Should i cancel her reservation or ask her questions about her stay first? My house rules specifically say no parties or events.

Correction…she lives in the county over.

She is planning a big party at your property. Don’t accept her reservation. The cost to repair the damages won’t be worth your $200 nightly fee.


That definitely sounds like a party. I would be leery, too.

It sounds like she IB’d? In that case, I’d call CS and say I’m uncomfortable with the booking - please cancel it.

You could go the route of asking the guest what she’s planning but this is one of those “looks like a duck, quacks like a duck” situations. She’ll either be truthful and you’ll cancel or she’ll blow smoke up your ass to keep the reservation. If you keep it, I’d reiterate that only registered guests are allowed on my property and that we have security cameras to monitor the guest count.

But really, you’re just borrowing trouble by keeping this one. I’d be anxious from check-in to check-out. Just cancel it.


What does IB’d mean? Im new to hosting. Thanks.

Cancel the reservation. Tell Airbnb “I am not comfortable with this situation.”

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Instant Book

It sounded like she booked without you needing to approve it, so I’m guessing you’re on Instant Book (IB)

Yes i am, thanks for clarifying.

OMG…run away as fast as you can from that reservation. Cancel/Decline as you are not comfortable with this reservation. I just had to break up a party over the weekend. Pty stated 2 people coming, confirmed all House Rules via app & msg and ended up having a huge party. Was not worth it in fact it cost me a great deal more than what I got, pending claim.


Ring Air CS as Ken suggests and get them to cancel as you are uncomfortable with the guest. They should do so without penalty to yourself.

Then turn off IB until you have more experience of hosting under your belt. I had it on to start with and my second lot of guests were a complete nightmare. I turned it off until I had found my feet and realised how many people think they can push you around.


I agree with @Joan, @kzim2182 if you have IB turned on, then turn it off so you can vet your guests.

Only accept guests with photo ID, if you host remotely use CCTV and have a local co-host on hand to help and ask your guests why they chose your place and plans for their stay.

Importantly read through the Q&As on Airbnb’s Help Centre, it will familiarise you with the basics around how Airbnb works.


What does it cost to rent a venue where you can have a party for let’s say 100 people?
Okay, you got it :wink:.

Call AirBnB now. NOW!

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1 night stay? Red flag if not the off-season. Local? Red flag. How many cars? Red flag.

What is hard about the decision?

I had the same situation. I messaged them and asked their ages. Turns out they were all high school students so I cancelled their reservation. I explained to them that I was concerned about under age drinking and being liable if someone got injured. Turns out it’s what high school seniors like to do. It’s a party without adult supervision but homeowner is responsible if anything happens to one of them.

RUN RUN RUN LIKE THE WIND from this one. This has become an epidemic in Chicago, Atlanta, and all over Florida. I don’t know where you are located, but it doesn’t matter, RUN.


For 10 people this only amounts to $20 per person. AND if it is a party, and it sure sounds like one, chances are they will charge admission. Search the guest name on Facebook, you may find their party invitation there. There is a Facebook group called Airbnb Guests Blacklist that does a great job of tracking down Airbnb parties and posting about them. You might want to join since you have such a large capacity listing and it looks like you have been targeted already. They tend to go after New Hosts.


We are in Silicon Valley where kids borrow their parent’s credit card and all drive BMWs. We get about one teenager every year attempting to throw a 50+ person party at our house. Nightly rate is $650-$800. They’ll still pay. But nip it in the bud as soon as possible and they won’t push back.


If you wish to keep IB on you can also set it at 1 day advance notice, same on request only. You can also set Govt ID required, photo ID required (after booking. Nothing is full proof but these help.

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Just as a complete and unconnected aside…

Here where I live in the UK ‘Leary’ means silly, stupid behaviour. In your example we would use ‘wary’ of guest that booked

Same - but different :slight_smile:


Can we get an update of what action you have taken?