Laundry, Kitchen & Value Ratings

Sorry I’m joining in late. My 2 problems are Kitchen and Laundry we charge $10 to do laundry but we do it for them when they’re gone. It beats them lingering in the house for hours with the excuse of laundry. WE have had guests brake 2 laundry machines as they put in sand from beaches in their clothes, red dirt and bad lingering clothes that are absolutely disgusting.
Some guests are down right rude and disrespectful and do whatever they please even when there are rules in place they just seem to ignore it. They don’t care they are on vacation and they have the attitude they have paid for it and if your rude to me I can just write you a bad review and get away with it. The people are getting worse day by day it seems. Then they complain after that about the value. You knew what you were booking. You saw the price. You saw the pics, everything is in the description and then want to bring the hosts down but giving less value stars. It seems even if we lower our rates to $10 a night someone will still complain about the value. When a hotel room in Hawaii starts with $200 + taxes and fees for a 3 star. Come on People!!! Hotels charge for laundry and also for Room Service. Every fruit in a hotel is chargeable. I feel we need more rights as hosts than just a bad review. As we as hosts are taking a bigger risk by letting strangers in with no security like a hotel.


Mummy, you must on Kauai (red dirt). I think the answer here is to simply not allow laundry. Just don’t allow it rather than charge $10 a load.

Sounds like you are getting frustrated.

What kinds of nightly rates are you charging? If too cheap it could be attracting the wrong kind of guests. You can’t really compare yourself to one of the hotels in princeville or poipu. Not the same thing at all. This type of guest won’t be checking into those places ever, so the comparison is irrelevant.

Suggestion… Remove BOTH laundry and kitchen from your amenities. You will be much happier, I guarantee.

Also be much more clear in your listing and in your rules about your expectations. Setting firm boundaries will keep guests in line.


Aloha Kona,

Yes, I’m in Kauai, we charge $100 + 30 cleaning fees. We use to charge 90+ 10 extra guest a lot of people would book for 1 guest and bring 2 and not want to pay and it would be ab issue. So again the single traveller suffer due to this double pattern behavior. Your probably right. I have removed kitchen and I think I will remove laundry too. As you may know this is the only income as there are not many jobs in Kauai and luckily we have a big home. We have a lot penny pinchers on such an expensive island. Why travel at all if you can’t afford it?

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Glad to hear it. See if things improve once you have made these changes. Good luck!

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