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Latest Airbnb guest scam

Think you’ve missed the point @airrhost. Internet most certainly is the norm even in Eastern Europe. It might surprise you to know that Eastern European cities for example Romania have much faster and stable internet than we do in the UK.

it’s a minor thing and certainly shouldn’t mean a refund, wherever it might happen.


I don’t think so. The views, city, etc compensate it? That’s absurd. Come to Hawaii and if our internet goes out, the great snorkeling makes up for it. Oh really?

Our internet was spotty the whole time at this hotel. We stayed 12 nights. That’s not really acceptable. All we did was let the front desk know it was out and they sent techs to fix it. Sometimes it would come back on for a short time but would go out again. My point was even though this was happening I didn’t stomp around demanding a $50 a night refund, which is actually what the hotel cost per night.

Yes, you can go to the lobby and use the wifi but that’s not really the same thing as wifi in the room.

To say Prague has great views and I should overlook the dodgy wifi is ridiculous. Glad you can give away nights if your internet goes out. I can’t.


oh my gosh. reading on this forum has given me a headache. we are the same as you. a family with a vacation property we love. and use for vacations. we are thinking of setting it up to rent out while we are not to recoup costs. not exactly sure im interested in that after reading your thread!

Sorry to say this but as you might have realised. hosting isn’t for everyone. :slight_smile:

It’s hard work, it’s a hassle and often a labour of love. Although there are several hosts here who rent out their places without being on site, I can’t imagine doing it without a tremendous support system.

Sue… Keep in mind that many of us only post when we have a problem or issue. I’ve been hosting for 7 years now and can only report two or three major problems. In two of those cases, Air sided with me.

You could always give it a try and see if it works for you. The good payoff might make up for the hassles. As our own @azreala says, Air is so addictive most of us will surely die with the needle still in our arms. :laughing:

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Don’t be put off. We have a vacation condo in Palm Desert I’ve rented out for several years directly and also on Airbnb. I’ve never met any of the guests personally–all long distance via email/text. It’s worked out just fine, but it does take a little extra care as far as choosing which guests you want to rent to.

When I make contact with people I start a conversation. I listen for red flags: children (ages), pets, guests age, purpose of visit. I’ve also got a long-time cleaner who lets me know the condition of the place when they’ve left.

Where is your place?

we are in Canada, the condo is in a vacation town called Invermere BC.
Its lovely. for those of us in Calgary, its a 3 hour drive through the
mountains to warm air and warm water. there have been bad press regarding
airbnb rentals in calgary and kelowna over the past few years, which alarms
me. in addition, i feel that air bnb is pro-renter and not supportive to
owners, as well i am having a difficult time adjusting my description and
prices based on seasons. oh well. just more work! and due diligence!


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I’m glad that comment made such the impression!!!


Yes this is quite an eye opener. I was mislead by Airbnb. I was under the
impression that we had a million dollars protection. I know now that I am
totally on my own. Good to learn this the easy way.
Thanks for your recommendations.
I have removed ALL amenities and installed the following description.

Frontier Internet and wireless on Premises-Works great, but is not a
guaranteed amenity due to mountain location and/or weather. Wi-fi Internet
is provided as a convenience only and is not integral to the agreement. No
refund of rents shall be given for outages, content, lack of content,
speed, access problems, lack of knowledge of use, or personal preferences
with regard to Internet service. No illegal or excessive downloading.
Due to mountains and trees, some cell phones may not work at our location,
my verizon works great.


West Coast ABT Inc.
720 College Drive
San Bernardino. CA 92410
Phone: 818.780.1594

We will be closed Monday January 16th in observance of Martin Luther King

Pass the tourniquet please! :smiley:


I was born in San Berdo. Good memories of going to my grandparents’ growing up. Know it is a different place now.

@J_Wang May I ask if you can share how were you able to do the short term rental gig without physically there in person?

Do you use Air’s “co-host” feature?


Besides having a really dependable couple who clean the place and alert me to any problems after guests have left, the big thing that really makes it almost hassle free is that the place is in a gated community. It looks like you’re crossing an international border when you arrive at the entrance.

There’s also an app I use to issue e-passes that get scanned when guests arrive. Their names are in the system and the security people can view that information. It’s not foolproof, but it really cuts down on guests trying to sneak extra people in or act foolishly, which is what a lot of people are inclined to do. Swimming pools, people in skimpy resort attire, blasting hot sun and a couple of beers tend to bring out the party animal in people! :slight_smile:

Are you attempting to host from a distance?

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I think he is ! Somewhat worrying since @donduck is new to hosting - but then I am very cautious and wouldn’t look to have an investment property until I understood the market a bit better.

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You can buy into one of those hotel/timeshare places that will manage your place for you. I see lots of them on the Oregon coast. Otherwise, you really need to have a dependable property management team, and that’s expensive.

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Agree. We are off to Phuket on Saturday and anywhere I have travelled in Asia we get free fast internet. In Australia in hotels it is not always free.

will the set up parameters disappear when the modem goes off or is rebooted?

Internet can be spotty up here and we sometimes have small/short power outages. We frequently tell renters to reboot the modem and it’s fine.

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Depends on your router. Some routers have a small battery to store your preferences; others do not. This would be simple to test however. Set up the parameters you want and then unplug for 8 seconds and plug back in. See what your parameters now look like.

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