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LATE DEPARTURE help please

What I’ve learned is to leave a day free between guests just in case of “surprises” which could be any number of things including what happened with your guest.

I know this isn’t feasible for everyone but it reduces the stress of being a host.

And as to communicating with your guests there are some who just don’t pay attention no matter how detailed your instructions.

In this case, pass the fee on to the employer for the late departure.

This is why I absolutely don’t do 3rd party bookings.

(From googling AIRBNB third party rule)
Booking for friends and family

We’d love to welcome your loved ones into Airbnb. But to help maintain transparency and trust throughout our community, you can’t book on their behalf unless you’re staying together.


We require all personal travel reservations to be booked by the guests themselves because Hosts rely on reading their profiles, reviews, and other verifications during the approval process. If your friends and family aren’t on Airbnb yet, here’s how to get them started.

(There is a way for people booking business trips for others but they have to be enrolled in the program

Booking business trips for others

If your company is enrolled in Airbnb for Work, you can designate people to book trips on behalf of others.

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Well, I did actually tell AIRBNB on the phone when they called me 2 days after the guest left that it was clear the person making the booking was booking on behalf of his employees. 2 out of the 3 previous reviews mentioned the person booking was not actually the guest but the employer. There has been a further review since again mentioning it as a 3rd party booking. The conclusion - AIRBNB still do nothing when told the gentleman booking should really be told to convert his account to a business one. It seems quite a fuss so i can see why the employer cannot be bothered to do this and of course it is the host who is at risk if he accepts a guest inadvertantly. I suspect most hosts do not realise 3rd party bookings can cause complications with any insurance claim with AIRBNB.

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