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Late checkout followed by early check in

We state our earliest check-in time is 3 p.m., which is standard for most hotels.

That gives us at least three hours to refresh and clean our rental space, if the previous guests leave AFTER the 11 a.m. deadline.

I leave a five hour window for cleaning. I don’t need it, I need three. But if the departing guest asks for a slightly later checkout and the incoming guests wants to arrive slightly earlier, then I can do it and seem like a lovely, generous and flexible host. :slight_smile:


Three years ago, my wife and I stayed at an Airbnb-style house that has four rental bedrooms, each with a private bathroom.

We arrived at 1:50 p.m., but the official check-in time was 3 p.m… The hosts were very annoyed we arrived 70 minutes early.

Our bedroom was ready upon our arrival. No handshake or greeting from the hosts when we entered their home. Just a “Park your car here and give us your credit card at the registration desk.” Woof-woof!

Their Airbnb home was in a very remote mountain area, with the nearest tiny town 13 miles away, or we would have waited elsewhere until 3 p.m.

From then on, I always call ahead if I am arriving before the stated check-in time.

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I had something similar happen this past weekend, but on the arrival time. A week before a stay, I send a long email, bulleted, with all the details they will need. This time I asked them to check-in beginning at 3 p.m. on Friday and then check out by noon on Sunday. Friday afternoon comes and she’s sitting in the car outside the house at 2 p.m. furious cus I told her three p.m. She said the website says check-in 2p.m. to 8 p.m. (this is a whole house rental). I nicely told her that we had a tight turn due to this morning’s guests leaving. She said she will report me to Air. I said that’s fine, have a lovely stay regardless, and enjoy yourself at the wedding. Turns out the housekeeper got done at 2:15 and left and the guest then drove up the driveway. Worked for her, regardless, but I will not allow my housekeeper to bear the brunt of rude demanding folks who arrive early while she’s still there cleaning.

Cameras indicated that 7 people stayed (she booked for 2 adults 2 children). This home does sleep 8, but I was irritated. I also state that no visitors are allowed without prior authorization. What do I see but a large SUV pull up, a gentleman with his tux under plastic and a lady with her dress under wraps. They let themselves in but thankfully didn’t stay for maybe an hour or so. I watched them all take photos on the back deck with these two visitors.

She’s already written a review but the housekeeper doesn’t arrive until tomorrow. I’ll check with her to see if the house is AOK before I write a review back. I wonder if she will mention her frustration of the website vs the week before email check in time.

Whoops…btw, I edited the Air site to now say 3 p.m. - 8 p.m, knowing that 2 p.m. is usually very doable 90% of the time. Wonder if someone will complain that I allowed them to check in earlier than the website says??? Not…

Please please please - don’t do this!! Just arrive at the official check-in time. It’s designated as such for a reason. How do you not know this as a host yourself?


FYI, if she does complain Air CSR can see that you changed it after her reservation started. In this case, if I understand correctly the guest is completely justified to be angry that you have a 2 pm check in posted and then asked them to check in at 3. That you allowed them to check in at 2:15 is irrelevant. OTOH, she packed in the free people. You should be even on that, each can give the other the smackdown in the review and then you can move on.

I have three AirBnB houses that are entire house rentals and tight turns are murder…especially if there is more than one in a day! One house sleeps up to 14 and it’s a very large house. It’s impossible to do a same day turn on it unless guests are leaving early or checking in late. We can do the 2 bedroom/1.5 bath in 4 hours. We deliberately have an hour later check in (11 am checkout and 4 pm check in) at the 3 bedroom/2 bath house. On the 4-5 bedroom house that can sleep up to 14 guests, we usually have to block a night off so we have time to clean—no tight turns on that house.

I don’t allow early check in or late checkouts unless I can accommodate them without stressing out over the cleaning time.


I would’ve cancelled the bish immediately. But that’s just me…


Did they respond to the reminder? Late check-outs cause significant problems for us because our cleaners arrive on-time and are usually on a tight schedule, fitting us into other jobs they have in the area.

If a guest ignoring your posted rules and check-in/out times causes you real stress, then the review and stars should reflect that.

Message the arriving guest back, politely reminding them of the 2pm check-in. Nearly all requests we get for early check-in say “no problem” when we respond that early check-in is not possible.

LOLOLOLOL :joy::joy::rofl::joy: GOLD!!


If I have someone leaving and coming on the same day I tell them that the check out cannot be early or late. If they are not out of the apartment at 10.00am sharp, my cleaner goes in and starts cleaning for the arriving guests.


It shouldn’t matter whether you were stressed by it or not. Review and stats should accurately reflect their ignoring house rules and check-in-/out times.


What is up with the cheerful “I’ll be arriving x hours before check in time” messages?

Um, no, you won’t! You can be in the general vicinity but you won’t be checking in early unless for some reason I say it’s ok. Sheesh. I sometimes imagine that these guests believe all our properties are just sitting there vacant & prepped waiting for our one group of the year to show up and bless them with their presence.


I would have been annoyed too. check-in time is stated FOR A REASON!


We had an awkward situation this weekend. Guests didn’t check out on time, but also weren’t in the apartment - looks like they went out for breakfast. Naturally, I had a same-day turnaround for a family that has sensitivity to scents. Messaged guests starting at 10 that they needed to be out by 11…they returned at 12:15 and finally left at 1, leaving the place stinking of perfume. Ugh. So in a situation where guests’ stuff is all over the place, am I justified in barging in and starting to clean anyway? I didn’t feel comfortable doing that, but I really could have used the extra time!

If I really need to I would. It’s quite possible you’d get a bad review. I can afford it, not everyone can. For certain I would mention this in the review you leave of these guests.

Awkward for whom? The guests neglected to follow rules and apparently also ignore messages. They brought it on themselves.


True to both, KKC. I didn’t barge in, because - thanks to the experts on the forum - I have plenty of extra bedding so laundry wasn’t an issue. I just feel funny going in among their stuff. What if they accuse me of stealing or something!

I certainly did mention it in the review, along with their apparent ignorance that anyone else lives on the property (I rent an apartment in my backyard), which led them to repeatedly leave the gate open for the dog and park 18 inches in front of my garage door. Just un-self-aware rich people, I think.


@rmiriam - we have it in our house rules that the housekeeper must be allowed in the house to start cleaning no later than 10 AM on checkout day, even though checkout is at 11 AM. It works for us as we have a large home and she can start cleaning around them.
You could put it in your rules that you will enter at 11AM on checkout day. And remind guests by text of that rule the day before.

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