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Last Moment to Leave a Review


Can anyone tell me the current last moment to leave a review? Airbnb reps disagree. It was a canceled reservation so I know I have three possibilities:

  1. 14 days after the reservation was canceled at the time it was canceled.
  2. 14 days after the email to review the guest came (exactly 24 hours after cancelation)
  3. Until midnight (but which day?)

I have not gotten the email reminding me I only have two days left so that should work in my favor too. Worst guest ever who promised a retaliatory review and then told Airbnb they wouldn’t leave one. I don’t trust it for a second.


You haven’t mentioned when they cancelled but I’m guessing it was after they began their stay? If so, I think it would be 14 days from the moment they cancelled, with your check-out time being the cut off point. e.g. if someone cancels 10 pm on Wednesday and is paid up until your Thursday check out, say 11 am, you would need to post your review at 10.58 am 14 days later.

If they haven’t paid/got a refund for Wed/Thurs night, you would need to post if 14 days from Wednesday, at the same time.

I hope I’ve got this right, and that it makes sense. I’m sure I’ll be corrected if needed!!


The guest cannot leave a “retaliatory review” because they can’t see your review (to retaliate to) until both of your reviews are posted. They can leave a negative review, but so what? If you have more than a handful of reviews and more than a few upcoming reservations any negative review is gonna get lost in the pile pretty quickly. One negative review isn’t gonna kill you.


I’m sure that’s not true in this case. I thought it was check out time too but since this is a cancelation the person was out of the house long before it was actually canceled. Airbnb rep said midnight but I’ve also heard 14 days from the email to review them (which came exactly 24 hours after cancelation) and there’s an 8 hour difference between review time and midnight. Now I’m not even sure which day (today or tomorrow) and if I have until 4pm or midnight.


I’ve seen you post this before but you don’t understand. If I leave any review, the guest will too and it will not be good (hence, retaliatory). She sent derogatory messages, I’d like her kicked off the platform, Airbnb doesn’t agree so the best thing I can do is warn other hosts. She shouldn’t be on the platform.


You said " the best thing I can do is warn other hosts". Which is exactly WHY you should leave a Review, and not respond to her review whatever it may be. This Forum is only a tiny fraction of the Hosts out there. Your Review will be read by ANY host who checks such things, not just the handful of Hosts who hang out here.

I understand completely. But the word you are using – retaliatory – is not correct. She will not be posting in revenge for your posting (which is what retaliatory means) because she cannot have read your post yet. She may make a negative review to tell people she had a bad experience at your place, but that’s not the same thing at all.

In the end, what does it matter? Her review of you will be quickly lost among the dozens of good reviews that you get.


Reading this, and trying to understand it, has made my brain ache…


As per Airhost Forum tradition, no one is answering your question. Perhaps someone who knows will chime in.

Keep in mind that the guest may also be playing the last minute game and if they post a negative review and you don’t get yours in on time then you are really going to be annoyed. Last time I was waiting to leave a review I was getting notice on my host dashboard saying it was the last day, or something to that effect. I’d check that and just post and hope for the best.

Let us know if you find out the answer.


The last minute countdown on my dashboard went AWOL several months ago.


So far it isn’t option #1 because the first day has passed. It’s sometime today but I’m not sure when so I’m probably going to submit one before my local check out time.


No doubt they noticed the way it was being used. After fielding endless calls from irate guests who were blindsided by negative last minute reviews they decided to be more obtuse about the exact time of the review period ending.


Final Update: in this case, I was able to leave a review 15 days after cancelation up until my local check out time.

I confirmed this because I had two bookings cancel 15 days ago. I left a review for one at 10:59am and not the other. After 11:00am, I was no longer able to review the second cancelation.


to the minute…


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