Last minute bookers just seem to love us ... anyone else?

We seem to get a shocking number of same day or “1 day before” bookings. Anyone else?

I do get quite a few of those, since I host in a place popular with young travellers who also just stay for a relatively short time. I’m fine with last minute bookings since I set up everything again immediately after a guest leaves. I have no discounts or anything, and they fill up unbooked spaces, which is great

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Nothing wrong with ‘one day before’ bookers! Their money spends better than folks who plan months ahead and then cancel at the last minute!


I get more of these on than on Airbnb.

But, on Airbnb, I have recently had a couple of one night, same day bookings, and the guests were very bad, showing little respect and leaving the place filthy.

So I’m not doing one night bookings anymore and always insisting on at least 24 hours notice. I don’t care if it loses me a bit of money, if it saves me from bad people.


I agree with KenH. We get lots of one-night bookings, lots of same-day one-night bookings, and they’re fine.

Yes we also get last minute bookers and lots of new to Air people as well. A lot of those guests just want to get away from the hustle of the city that’s below us. I’m so blessed to live among the redwoods.
The guests really appreciate the solitude up here.

I wish I could support 1-night reservations and same-day-bookings. I don’t imagine same-day bookings would be common for my 8-person listing, but I suspect 1-night reservations would fill in at least a few gaps and materially increase revenue.

Never in my 5 years of hosting have I had a last minute book :slight_smile:

I get quite a few, I think it’s because I’m not in a particularly touristy area, but there is some heavy industry about 10km away, so I get lots of people who are in town for work. They get called for last minute two week contracts, and need to find somewhere to sleep between 12 hour shifts.

They are my favourite type of guests. They’re either asleep or at work, so I barely see them!