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Large groups trying to book during covid-19 restrictions

I’m a new host of a larger property in the UK that sleeps up to 16. We decided to open up for bookings of max 6 people or 2 family households in line with our government rules between 17 May and 21 June, moving on to full capacity thereafter, when all restrictions are supposedly being lifted.
While we have lots of larger group bookings from the end of June onwards, I keep having to decline enquiries for the restricted period as large groups try to book despite a prominent note at the top of the listing explaining our temporary reduction in numbers allowed to book. I presume this is because the listing is set to 16 guests, which I don’t want to change as it would impact on all bookings beyond the restricted period. I’ve checked with the Airbnb help desk and there is no way of temporarily restricting the numbers in the system, perhaps like changing the price directly in the calendar. I’ve sent feed-back to this effect to Airbnb, but I’m just wondering if other larger properties out there are having similar problems and how you have gone about solving them for yourselves?
Many thanks,

Create a rule and apply it to the dates you want. You have to have Professional Tools enabled and you have to do it in your web browser, not the app.

Maybe put it in your title?
“To 6/21/21 Max 6 guests d/t Govt Restrictions then 16; Best Rental in Town”

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Many thanks for your suggestion. I had already tried to create a rule and have just checked again, but there is no option to customise the number of guests temporarily. Price, length of stay, discounts etc yes, but not number of guests. I’ve sent feed-back and hope Airbnb puts that option in, as it may be handy even in non-Covid times.

Thank you for your suggestion, I may do that.

You’re correct, there isn’t any straightforward way to customise occupancy based on dates via the Airbnb interface.

The only way to do it would be to set up a (new) duplicate listing, with the guest numbers restricted to six, and only have availability set from 17th May until 21st June. Remove availability from your original listing during those dates.

The new listing would have no reviews, but as the host your reviews and ratings from the original property would still be visible to guests. You could always highlight this in your listing text.

As there is strictly set availability, there is no need to synch or link the listings.

Caveat… I’ve never had the need to do this, but I cannot see any reason why you can’t. It’s not dissimilar to folks listing separate rooms/whole house listings for the same property.



Thank you for your suggestion, that sounds like a great way around my problem as long as it’s easy to duplicate a listing. I’ll look into that, thank you.

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