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Landlord found out through Super I was doing Airbnb! Help!



Hi Everyone,
I wanted some advice. I live in New York City. I have been doing Airbnb for almost 2 years. Never had an issue. Except I just had these two guests that ran into my super. My building is very tight. I’m very private. My two guests ended up telling the super that they rented out of airbnb and the rat (super) told the landlord. I denied it, the landlord seems to have believe me but now I have to be careful. I wanted to know is their way I can have my account still up on airbnb without my landlord finding it? I’ve heard of services that are available for landlords. Anyway, Please let me know. I use my earnings to pay student loans and I’m so close to wrapping up my debt.

Thanks in advance.
Mademoiselle J


It won’t be hard for your landlord to find your listing and NYC is cracking down on illegal hosting. I’d guess your time as a host is coming to an end. That is probably not what you want to hear.


Thinking out loud…at what point in life does ones character develop.


Science says it’s after age 25 on average


If I was your landlord and I found out you were doing this without permission and then you lied to me about it… that is the end of your tenancy!


Thx…I trust there is still hope.


The landlord is probably setting a trap for you so he can keep your deposit as well as get a new tenant.


What should you do? Start looking for a new place. Your days there are numbered.


Mademoiselle -
You are likely out of luck
What you are doing is illegal
I have a few ways to pay off my debt too, but they are not legal and so I don’t.


(Where is my landlord’s cap…oh, here it is!) Yup, that would be my game-plan also.

(I don’t think our advice is what the OP is thanking us in advance for.)


Thanks everyone for your replies. The kind ones and the feisty ones.


Isn’t Airbnb illegal in NYC? Isn’t it true that if the OPs landlord apartment is found listed on Airbnb, he would be the one in trouble? In other words, she is putting him at profound risk by doing what she is doing. Or is it that she’s subletting in violation of her lease? Either way, tsk.

I really would love to be a fly on the wall listening to the story she concocted to convince him she wasn’t doing anything so scurrilous as renting her apartment on Airbnb in violation of the law and in violation of her lease!

He’s no dummy. He probably went right to the listings right after he hung up with the pretty little liar and found his apartment listed. Such a shame as we all know how hard it is to find places in NYC.


Thankful you’re not my landlord.


He won’t. I’m a good tenant.


I wanted to reply to a lot of your comment but I recognized your type and decided it’s a waste of time. Carry on…


Thanks for the advice.


You don’t know New Yorkers very well do you?


Oh sandy, I didn’t realize you were my moral compass. Don’t think out loud, it’s annoying and obnoxious!.


I’m aware Georgy… I’m so glad you do everything legal.


A good tenant who sublets in violation of her lease.

You are right. This forum is a waste of your time.

I think you need to look elsewhere for advice on how to proceed illegally. Good luck with all that.

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