Lag in booking requests / enquiries...?

Any body else had this happen?
Just got a message TODAY that was sent 29/9 for a booking 14/10 and the message arrived 27/10!
Of course not possible, but the date was available and could have been booked.
delivery a MONTH late…?
Very unimpressed - how can this happen?

I’ve seen lags in messages arriving on the app but never an actual lag of any kind on the website. Very strange and unpleasant news.

and now the message has completely disappeared!
i responded, apologising that i didn’t get it until today.
No wonder the bookings have been quiet…
Just rang some customer service person who sounded like she is running a crèche in the middle of a farmyard who told me I am making it up! No message exists.
Bad day - starting to doubt my Sanity.


We’ve doubted your sanity for years @Debthecat :joy: but we love you anyway! :kissing_heart:


I don’t know but I’ve been noticing that my profile picture has been changing to a different picture nearly every time I’m on the website lately. And I don’t recognize any of the pictures it changes to.

Also, about a week ago I stopped getting text message notifications. I didn’t notice right away because I got notifications from the app as well as the email alert I have set up. I went into my notification settings and it said that I needed to add a phone number to my profile. So I added the number that they’ve been sending texts to for the last 5 years.

Proving once again why Airbnb continues to hold onto the “Gitchiest website” gold medal, hands down.

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That profile photo change has been happening to me on the Airbnb forum for about 6 months. It will suddenly be photo of a window, instead of my photo. Then it just mysteriously changes back again another day.

I have just corresponded with my county revenue office:

Me: Why have you closed my Transient Occupancy Tax account? How am I to pay my taxes?
Revenue Office: Oh, Airbnb is now collecting the tax.
Me: No, they are not. My guest invoices show they are still collecting only the state sales tax.
Revenue Office: We assume it’s a lag in updating their site. You should call their office and request corrected invoices.
Me: Hahahahaha. I also went on the site as if I were a guest and checked on pricing. They are not charging the Transient Occupancy Tax. You shouldn’t believe anything they are telling you.


I’m glad to know that it’s not just me, I’ve been wondering. Sometimes I’m a guy with brown hair, sometimes a tree and sometimes a group of people standing together.

I had a similar experience but opposite with my states Dept. of Revenue. They show that I own them hundreds of dollars for the room taxes but have shown them the law in MA stating that airbnb is collecting the taxes not me and showed them some of the bookings. I was told that the’ll probably have to sue Airbnb for the tax revenue. It’s been about 2 years and nothing has changed on my DOR reporting page. It still shows that I owe lots of money. I’m just keeping good records for now.

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Particularly worrisome since I’m in MA!

I had this conversation 2 years ago. I just went into my DOR account and it’s still showing that I need to file a return. I think I’ll write to them again and ask the same question.

I thought I was losing my mind recently and perhaps the 1am checking on a reservation had me confused. Then it happened again…

who writes their code? >bangs head on desk<


Weird stuff! I almost exclusively use the ap - and doubt that would have anything to do with my not experiencing any such glitches…