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Kmart - sheets sale


If anyone lives near a kmart that has not gone out of business yet, their cotton 400 thread count sheets are all on clearance. Looks like they are discontinuing the line. Were around $24 for a queen set in Chicago, Hopefully don’t give the guests hives.


I like their canon towels and will check out their sheets. I have bought them before. Thanks!


Thanks… Time for a trip to Walyworld!


I’m fine with Wally-world also. Nice durable stuff…7 yrs. of experience.


My cotton rich sheets come in vivid dark and bright colors to match my decor and have worn like a charm. Love them and have had no complaints.


Kmart are doing big business in New Zealand - they’ve just opened a new store


That makes me happy! I’m nostalgic for Kmart. Used to shop there all the time as a kid. Barefoot. It was a rural town. :slight_smile:



The Kona Kmart is really nice… I have good memories of shopping there before my twins were born. We bought their cribs there.


I spent several months working on a cruise ship and every Monday, we would stop in St. Thomas in the US Virgin Islands. There was a Kmart about a ten minute walk from the dock, and it was the only place all cruise where you could get household stuff (like shampoo, soap, etc.) for a decent price. Consequently, there was a steady stream of crew members heading to Kmart throughout the day.

I loved that Kmart. I will remember it forever.

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