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Kitchenette without a sink


Defining cutlery as cutting utensils is not incorrect.



LOL! This is a great question. I had to google myself to see what the correct meaning is. When I hear the term “flatware” - I would assume just your regular eating utensils…but I see the definition may include other items.

I think most Americans use the term “silverware” to describe your fork, knife, spoon, etc. you eat with. The items aren’t necessarily made of silver though. I was just laughing reading about someone from England thinking how funny it was hear to hear the term “plastic silverware.” So even at a place where you order takeout. You might ask the cashier for some silverware, and it will be plastic.

I have never used the term cutlery. If someone asked me for some cutlery, I would have to put it into context. For example, if they are sitting in front of their steak dinner, I would assume they need a steak knife. But if they are preparing food, I may think they are asking if I have a knife set to cut and chop meat/veggies.

I consider cooking utensils to be anything from large serving spoons, to spatulas, ladles, etc. I’m in the Southeast so it very well could be different for Americans in other regions.


I suppose we will now get flagged for discussing cutlery. I mean…flatware… I mean…eating utensils… I mean forks, spoons and… oh never Mind!!!:laughing::laughing:


It’s very interesting to hear all the different terms used. I would feel uncomfortable putting “silverware” in my description as guests from my country would think we were being “posh” and avoid us!

Back to the OP, I am currently staying in an Airbnb which has no kitchen sink. The hosts have provided a large plastic bowl for washing dishes which is a great solution. They have an expensive looking bathroom sink which I would not want to risk chipping by washing crockery in.


Crockery!!! :laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing:


I was wondering if you’d comment on that. What the hell do you call it??


Stoneware? …


Dinnerware. But if serving platters are included, then a different word would be required.



To go slightly off topic, what do y’all think about a kitchenette without a stove, but including a sink? Or should I opt for stove and no sink?


What kind of space is it? You have to be careful of violating code by installing stoves. In some places you cannot have two kitchens located within the same parcel.


This thread is great! It’s so funny to hear all the different terminology. Flatware??? That would be slippers and a onesie for me - something to ware around the flat (oh where is faheem with his grammatical corrections).

Cutlery, to me, is all encompassing. It means everything from a gold-plated teaspoon to a discount-store steak knife - basically all the things you need to eat your food.

Crockery means cups, saucers, plates etc, all the stuff you need from which to eat your food or drink.

Everything else is pots and pans.


You sre making a good point! I once went to an open house in a nearby city and they had a basement unit without a sink, because local regulations did not allow for two kitchens in one (town)house.

Alas, the city I am moving to does allow Mother-in-Law units in detached houses. The space I would want to rent out is a basement suite, with good natural light. If I could convert the laundry room into a kitchenette/laundry room, it would make for a nice one bedroom apartment, albeit with too small a kitchen for long-term tenants. After spending the last 10 or so days reading this forum, I am also interested in finding out for myself what it’s like to be a host.

The laundry room/kitchenette has water hook-ups (obviously) and a ceiling fan, so venting for a stove should not be a problem. There just isn’t enough room for a stove and a sink…


Forget the stove a sink is more important. Get a microwave and a sandwich press, virtually everything can be cooked in/on these from cakes, veggies, reheats, grilled meats, bacon and eggs :fried_egg: that lot. And you’ll need a bar fridge. Just ensure you have strict rules and supplies so that people use covers to cook in microwave and non abrasive cook wear for the sandwich press so it doesn’t get scratched. I clean virtually everything with vinegar, essential oils and paper towel or washable cloths and have good quality silicone ladlles/flippers/spoons and bakeware.


Another option is an electric skillet instead of a stove. You can cook all kinds of things in that. I did the cooking that way for over a year when my husband and I moved into our first house and were renovating the kitchen (yep, did it ourselves and took WAY too long).

You could put in a countertop oven. Our property is a three-bedroom, 4000 square foot house in the Caribbean, and there is no oven other than a counter top one. No one has ever said anything at all about not having a full-sized oven.


What about one of those mini convection ovens? Agree, a stove is the last thing you should add. Do you really want guests cooking? A sink is better.


A sandwich press! Never thought of that, but sounds brilliant. I do have a George Foreman type grill/waffle maker/griddle thingy. Would that also work or does a sandwhich maker have advantages over this? I own almost every small kitchen appliance ever invented, but never had a sandwich maker, for some reason.

You cooked on one for a year? Wow! Need to figure out where to put one of these. No room for a countertop oven, though. Not a lot of countertop, really.

A 4000 sqft house in (on?) St Lucia? Sounds like paradise! I once had a flight with a stopover on (in?) St Lucia. What a wonderful island it seems to be. Looks so different from most other Caribbean islands I have ever seen. So lush, such interesting topography. Loved it.

Probably not, good point! The thought of all the things that could go wrong has me grinning from ear to ear.

Don’t they have microwave/mini convection ovens in one? That might work. Do you know if they get very hot on the outside when in oven mode? Had been planning on putting microwave into a huge cupboard next to the laundry room/kitchenette. Wonder if I could put a microwave/convection oven in there.

Thank you all for your suggestions, you guys are brilliant! A sink it shall be…


Yes! I remember when we renovated our house and had no kitchen, I ended up making gourmet meals used an electric skillet/fry pan and a rice cooker! Lol I cooked so many things in the rice cooker!! Haha


The last studio/hotel we stayed at that was in a 5 star resort was a microwave and sink kitchenette set up. The sandwich press it a great idea!
If it’s a small space and only fits 2 people then it’s plenty


My rental unit has a simple kitchenette w/o a sink (microwave, mini fridge, coffee making stuff, dishes, etc). Guests must use the one in the (large) bathroom, and I have a dish rack in there. I have this setup clearly shown in the photos, and make it very clear in the description that there is not a full kitchen. I’ve been booked solid for the 15 months we’ve been doing this and haven’t had a single complaint.



I appreciate your cooking creativity during you time without a kitchen. When I attended college in 1980, microwaves were HUGE and cost a fortune & hot plates were not allowed. In our dorm room we had an old-style electric popcorn popper & electric water kettle. It is amazing what you can prepare with minimal resources (necessity is the mother of invention)