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Kitchenette without a sink


I think Keurig are like Nespresso, but without George Clooney …


That’s a little rude @Jules2538.

I agree with @Emily I wouldn’t have have understood what ‘it’s a “coffee bar” with Keurig’ means. As we accept guests from around the world it’s important that we writes things in a way that’s clear to guests from all over the world not just from the U.S.


We operated with the same set-up for a couple of years. We provided rubber dish tubs, and collected the dirty dishes when guests were out, to wash and return. We did not want people to wash dishes in the bathroom because that is terrible for the plumbing, especially on a septic system. Guests were generally happy with this, but we got tired of washing everyone’s dishes and finally installed a small portable dishwasher. (Due to zoning particularities, we are not allowed to install a new sink.) This is working out well.


Also: guests must acknowledge in my house rules that there is no kitchen, just a breakfast area with small appliances. Even though this was stated clearly in my original listing, one guest dinged us in his review for lack of kitchen. People do not read.


This sounds like something I’d be interested in doing. What is your water source for the dishwasher?

How is that allowed if a kitchen isn’t listed as an amenity in the first place?


The water source is a small laundry/utility sink. Guests are allowed to say whatever they choose! See our only 3-star review…


@lrmcilwain, I see a potential problem with your listing without even reading it (yes, I acknowledge that).

You list as an entire home/apartment. What apartment or home does not have a full kitchen? Even if later in the listing you say not a full kitchen, it’s hard to shake that first impression.

If you are doing well and most people are just fine with your arrangement, then ignore my comment (my feelings won’t get hurt).


Actually, quite a few listings on Airbnb do not have a full kitchen and yet are a separate space. This is not unusual.


Oh, I didn’t realize that. Thank you for the education.


Yes, this is a problem. I list the property type as “guest suite” – not apartment – but airbnb doesn’t give me any option between “entire place” and “private room” and shows it as entire home/apartment. My listing is as accurate as I can make it with airbnb’s current options.


I say “kitchenette” right in my listing title, which is super annoying because it uses up so many letters, but then there is no confusion or guest disappointment.


Yes… I now list it as an “amenity limitation” that guests must acknowledge before they can book. I’ve never had any complaint except that one.


It’s so annoying to hear all the petty arguments when the OP asked a simple question. If you can’t be helpful, please don’t post.
We have a microwave, fridge and coffee pot, similar to a hotel. We supply ceramic cups and bowls (for the instant oatmeal breakfast we offer) and real flatware. We don’t have a sink but have a sign on the microwave asking guests to please leave any dirty dishes on the counter and they will be washed and returned the same day. I don’t want guests rinsing their leftover beans and rice down my bathroom sink. Never had a problem and people often comment on the special “little extras” I offer, such as dishwashing service.


I am leaning more toward this. I would leave instructions to scrape off solids from their plate if they deciede to wash themselves, but I’ve been reading a lot about how guests don’t always read/follow directions. Thanks for the input. :blush:


Hello, we go off topic here a lot and a lot of interesting discussions ensue. I would hardly call spirited discussions about kitchenettes and dishpans “petty arguments.” I dare say we don’t need to be told how to behave on the forum.


we rent a room with a microwave, a fridge and a kettle. There is no sink, just the one in the bathroom. Most of the guests that book our place, don’t want or can’t afford to book a whole apartment with a full kitchen, but don’t want to share bathroom or kitchen. We never received any complain about this because obviously this is the layout that our guests are looking for. The advertise is very clear and guest know what they book


I had to google the term ‘flatware’. Is it more common in the US to use this term rather than ‘cutlery’? Or do you use it to mean both cutlery and cooking utensils? It seems to be a useful term but I had never heard it before.


I agree I regularly stay in both business and tourist hotels internationally and have never been given a paper cup in my room.


If you don’t like forums that veer of course in terms of the original topic, then I don’t think this is the forum for you :slight_smile:

I think it’s up to the mods to tell forum users whether or not they can post :wink:


Yes, “flatware” is more common in the US than “cutlery,” which I think many people would interpret (incorrectly) as “knives.”