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Kitchenette without a sink


Making up your own meaning for “always?” Interesting.


I have never had a paper cup at a hotel … ever ever.

So why is it ALWAYS a paper cup just because you had one at an expensive hotel?


I’ve stayed at 8-10 hotels the past year ranging between $150-$200. Never seen anything but paper/plastic cup.


What exactly is in the kitchenette? Will guests be cooking on a small stove, etc. Or is it just a microwave and a small fridge. It it’s just the latter then I would just set up a small station with some paper plates and plastic cutlery.

I haven’t stayed in a hotel for many years, but I don’t recall a hotel providing dishes in my room. I think I just ate straight out of the take out box?


Hotels usually have paper cups for coffee as people like to take it with them. There should also be glassware for water (in glass form).


I bit the bullet, ripped out a closet and put in a sink and a storage area for my kitchenette (defined as most appliances you can think of except no stove due to complexities of local zoning that are too snore to go into here). Guests like it a lot, they comment on it to me and sometimes in reviews.


I wasn’t talking about coffee. I was talking about glassware for water.


We offer “room service”. We ask guests to leave us their breakfast dishes on the way out and we replace them with clean ones and new coffee pods, etc. We use fancy china that I find at auctions because people are instinctively more careful with “the good stuff”. (that’s my theory, anyway ;). However, most people eat out when they’re travelling and we encourage that.


Might need to explain this better in your listing, it doesn’t translate in my world. Also if you are putting any kind of filter American coffee pot type thing, please leave very clear instructions as we don’t use them in Australia


Again I have never stayed in a hotel with paper cups and I have travelled extensively and in 3 star to 5 star


What country are these environmental disaster hotels?


We will be providing granola, non-dairy milk, fruit, OJ, coffee, tea, and cocoa! We will definitely grab some paper menus from around our small town. Thanks for the great suggestion!

I am leaning more toward this option as I hear everyone’s opinions. Thank you for your vote! We are on a river-front property and have well water. While we still try to conserve water usage, it’s probably more sustainable to wash dishes for our particular situation.

Ah, a visual aid to the rescue. Thanks!

For some more perspective, here is a photo of the Kitchenette.
(link is not connected to any of my accounts and is anonymous, if this violates forum rules, please let me know!) It’s a quick cell phone shot, not something I plan on posting to my listing!

We ordered a water cooler with cold/hot/room temperature options and are still waiting on the microwave, coffee maker, and toaster to ship. No stoves or hotplates. It is our personal ethos avoid single-use plastics.

Oh, I love that wording! I think I’ll use something along those lines as far as verbiage. Also nice system for me to consider, thank you.


No. That’s not the point. I would never refer to someone’s listing in the derogatory way you are attempting to; and I never compared the OPs listing to a ‘nice hotel room’. Hers is probably much better.

You are the one making comparisons to hotels and for some odd reasons going on and on and on about hotels ALWAYS having paper cups. They don’t as I have clearly stated, as have others, you are not the only person who has stayed in a hotel. Move.on. And take responsibility for your own comments and don’t attribute your comparisons to me.

I actually answered the OPs question and gave her suggestions about her kitchenette, coffee making, breakfast and other matters- which she appreciated. In fact I said:


I still need to call the space something and the term “kitchen” would be misleading. What would you call a space that isn’t a full kitchen?
Breakfast or Coffee bar is pretty widely used here and within context hopefully would make sense, even to a non-American.

Our breakfast bar has an apartment sized fridge, microwave, and Keurig hot beverage maker, kettle & French press along with full set of dinner/glassware. (No range or kitchen sink)

And there are instructions for the coffee machine :slight_smile:


I’m far from referring to the listing in a derogatory way. I’m not sure what you’re trying to do here but this is far from what I said.

Read the thread again.


Food for thought. (Some one may have already mentioned this & i missed it). Whether guests use the bathroom sink or basins for dish cleaning, a small spray bottle of a Clorox/chlorine cleaner may come in handy for germ killing & include instructions to use it only for sink cleaning (so they don’t use it to clean carpet or other)


I just stayed in a hotel in the Palm Springs area and washed my coffee carafe out in the bathroom sink. :rofl:


Coffee bar. Coffee tea kettle… Whats not to understand?


I think it was ‘keurig’ that caused the confusion. That seems to be an American thing. I only know what a keurig is from this forum


I have a traditional drip coffee maker & Keurig pod brewer in my rentals. (SE-USA) I am always surprised that the Keurig brewers are used more than the drip including for groups of 4 adults.