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Key/keypad question


We will welcome our first guest in a few weeks. We have a whole house 2 BR condo rental. The front door has a new keypad deadbolt. This door faces the street with limited on street parking. The back door to the fenced patio is a sliding glass door that is keyed. You open the private gate to the back parking lot. My question is what to do with the back sliding door? Provide a key? Or just have the guest use the front door only? It is most convenient to leave through the sliding door to the parking lot. The door cannot be rekeyed however. It is a very safe neighborhood and I’m not really worried about people copying the key… I just want want is best and easiest for my guests. Thanks so much for your feedback!


I would provide the combo for keypad for check in and leave the key for back door on a BIG keyring so it does not get lost or mistakenly taken with guest.



Any door can be re keyed???


Perhaps she means the lock couldn’t be changed out to a keypad. I haven’t yet seen a smart/keypad lock for sliding glass doors.


I’d have them enter through the keypad door, and leave instructions for the back door to be locked and unlocked from the inside only. I’d keep the key in a hidden spot so you could direct them to if necessary.
Basically, do everything to make the front door your main point of entry/exit.

If your guests are anything like mine, also print out a small sheet to go on the slider explaining they’ll need to enter through the front door. Some people won’t read a single word of your arrival instructions.


Thanks all!! Great ideas. I may be wrong about being able to re-key the lock, but
sure don’t want to do it after every guest! Thanks again. This is a great tool for us newbies :slight_smile:

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