Just when you are burning out, a guest surprises you . .

We had a big snow dump here in DC metro area, not suffering as much as the Midwest, but a good 6 inches. MY GUESTS JUST SHOVELED MY DRIVEWAY! All I had to do was the sidewalk. We had a nice chat while we were scraping away. Awwww. Now it’s all good again!!


cheers !!!

Thank you for sharing! I love stories that show the goodness of people. We sure can use positive reminders :heart:


We had a guest that ordered a truckload of firewood, and they tarped it and left it for us with a bottle of champagne. Happy New Year surprise!


Wow fantastic. I bet they get a discount on the next stay.


Hah, they certainly will!

Funny part of the story is my husband’s college and my college are rivals and they were from my college. He was giving me crud about renting to my alumni on NYE and was teasing that they would wreck the place. They turned out to be our favorite guests. I hope to see them again!!


I really appreciate your hospitality. Humans must show their goodness as we have to manage a big amount of bad deeds.