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Just wanted to say thanks to the community


We started hosting last April and have had amazing 9 months. Lots and lots of bookings, really first class guests in the main (bar one or two not quite 10/10), but on reflection and reading many other hosts experiences, we think we’ve been very fortunate.
We’ve picked up many tips from this forum as the year progressed. So please accept out heartfelt thanks for the many contributors.


Thank you, @GentleHart for the kind words and congratulations on your success!


Thank you! How nice of you to acknowledge the forum!


That’s great to hear. People here are very friendly and understanding. Great place to be a part of.

Thank you!


This forum is great for help. Sometimes it’s just fun to read all the different personalities.


Yes I found the same thing as I found my AirBnB legs. It is great to have this community to see what people think and occasionally have a bit of spray which is allowed but advice is to move on.

Particularly thank konacocnutz who always seems to have a balanced perspective and great advice. Hope you have a great New Year!


Thank you Madam Konacoconutz! Your advice has been invaluable over the last couple of years. Which is mostly, I think, that we should Stay Calm and Carry On! You need to write a book for Air hosts.


I’m blushing you guys!! :heart_eyes::kissing_heart::innocent: bless you one and all!


Stop it. We know you are just a digital persona, our very own Janet (cf The Good Place), generated by The Algorithm to make us feel we are listened to by the billionaires at Air HQ while they dine on baby unicorn hearts.


HahahahahahahaH, too funny! :laughing::laughing: one of my major goals on the forum is always to save newer hosts the learning curve I went through at the beginning!


Yeah everyone has been very helpful! Thank you for your advice and hilarious banter too!


I began hosting in June and feel the same having had many guests that have been awesome! I just signed up for this forum tonight and am looking forward to reading all the posts! Initially this reminds me of when AOL began (I’m dating myself). I was a “helper” to those in need way back in 1995 online when everything was SO new. Airbnb is not new but a forum like this seems to be just what I need so thank you to all the helpers here!


I feel exactly the same. If it was not for this forum I would quit a long time ago. Even after 3 years I still come here for advices and support is incredible. I honestly think that we have the best people here who are open minded, kind, caring, very smart and very funny. Sometimes I laugh out loud when I read posts from certain members.

And of course many thanks to Tom, the creator, for selfless effort to keep this site going .


Yana your posts are the best of all. I mean that.


Thank you so much! Can say the same about yours.
I wonder if someone here does the same. I have my favorite posters and if I see the name I go there and see what they came up this time😀


100% agree GentleHart. I have gained so much information and support from the hosting community across several forums…


@Yana - seriously…your forum posts are the best of all! Whenever I see that your profile has been away and I see it again…I do run to see what you said…lol


I agree with that. Yana rocks.


Thank you girls. I am pleasantly surprised :kissing_heart:


Exactly what I think and how I feel. After two years and more than 200 bookings I am happy to say, I have never been disappointed and had no problems after all. But it was very helpful to read all your tips and comments. It is a great community and when I am traveling, an Airbnb bed is always my first choice.
Thank you all for sharing your experiences!

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