Just venting about unusual guest behavior

@Brian_R170 @iGMS Yes, my rules include a bullet point on not leaving food packages open in the kitchen or anywhere . And yes, I leave aluminum foil, plastic wrap, Ziploc bags and containers so that guests can store any items such as rice, pasta, etc. However, I don’t leave any Ziploc bags or containers that would be large enough to store 10 pounds of rice, nuts or other family-sized food supplies!

Thanks for this conversation!! We rarely get anyone staying longer than 4-5 nights and almost never longer then a week. In the past I’ve provided fresh linens and taken the dirty ones away but not gone in and cleaned or even looked around, but it’s been so long since we had a long stay I can barely remember. I do have a man and his 10 year old son coming for 11 nights at the end of August. After reading this I think I will do a mid-stay linen change and tidying up. I can check the state of things, water the plants, etc. without too much effort. It sounds like a win win!!


No ones picked you up on mentioning that guests came from Vancouver I notice! :slight_smile:


I’m in New Jersey. From Vancouver it’s 5+ hours in a plane. It’s a long way to bring your dishes. The only thing I can think is that they were old ones, and planned to get rid of them anyways.

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@GardenGnome Bringing your own dishes seems really strange. If you were worried about cleanliness you could just wash the ones there before using. Weird!!!

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yes. I do it at my house, for myself so I do it for them too. it’s just natural.

Here is my humble opinion on stays over a week:

More hassle, more intense usage, more damage.

It’s better to turn over every week even with the clean laundry and welcome work/expense.

I will NEVER give long term rental discount. They are the only ones that damage my living room, use my kitchen every day 3x a day, and require 100 channel cable tv. People who are there for a week go out and enjoy themselves elsewhere than the apartment.

So - I don’t give a long term stay discount and I DO require weekly clean and sheet change which they have to pay for.

I did once do so, for a woman who was here for work Mon-Fri, sometimes Thurs. She was here over Nov-Dec but went home for the weekend, and it worked out perfectly. During her first week she told me that we could come to an agreement about how long she could stay, as she’d been told that she was an “acquired taste”! Well, I certainly acquired her; she was lovely but bloody well had a heart attack, just before her contract was renewed six weeks in.

She was fun and good company, eccentric in her own way, made friends with folk in the pub, even though she rarely drank. I still miss her.

We kept in touch for a while but her family wouldn’t let her come back to work.

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true you can never generalise. all I know is, the only people who use the living room, care about having cable TV, go food shopping and use the kitchen, are people who stay over 7 days. My guests mostly stay 5-10 days and the apartment is still brand new as it was 18 months ago.

Nice story. I have a few too but funnily they are often short-term guests with whom I clicked and even though they only stayed 4 nights max, it felt like ages - in a good way. Others have stayed just one night but it felt like a year!!

Asians love their rice cookers! And they can be insistent on cooking for themselves. Here is what works for me.

Keep empty plastic or glass containers to store grains in. Also tubs for liquids. Dollar store. Hopefully they will leave the odd item behind to enjoy later!