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Just uncovered guest's bad review... Please help with a response


I have had a change of heart. I’m going to use @Brandt response to respond to Mark’s review. We currently have a guest at one of my OTHER cabins who started complaining before she even checked in (and she was a host herself!), complaining about how it’s going to be raining and asked for late check-out for free etc. When I didn’t grant a late check-out as late as she wanted, she clearly wasn’t happy (I did give her an extra hour free). Then she complained about our TV and DVD not having sound. I told her to unplug the HDMI cable and plug it back in. Then she told me there’s too many wires. I told her to use the TV in the basement living room, she said they can’t go to the basement living room because they had found a lizard (in a cabin in the mountains) earlier and chased it outside AND they had gotten too comfortable on the main floor. Then she said they can’t use the bedroom on the top floor because they found ONE hair. Then one of her guests unplugged the HDMI cable and plugged it back in and everything was working fine, but because it took them 2 hours to figure that out she said I ruined their night. Then she said the hot water wasn’t hot enough. So I got her permission to send someone to check on it near midnight (last night), then she wasn’t happy because there are two strange men in the basement (my maintenance crew). Then she told me as a host herself, she would have “bent overbackwards” to make guests happy, as if I wasn’t… Then!! She quoted Mark’s review to tell me that my cabin’s cleanliness has been a KNOWN PROBLEM!! She was like, “I know other guests have had issues with your cabin too, like that doctor.” Wow… NOT EVEN THE SAME CABIN! And that’s the ONLY bad review out of ALL 3 properties! Ugh!!!

As you all probably know where this was heading, now she wants a refund.


And if you leave the platform what changes? You mean you find a different job, 9 to 5 with no stress or pressure?

Edit: I’ve now read your new post. I’ve seen this before where guests seem to use other guest’s reviews as a reference. I know this “other cabin” was probably booked before Mark’s review posted but I’m just wondering if there is any chance that Mark sent this guest to your place for retaliation?

It seems that running these cabins may indeed be too much stress. Looking over your posts on this forum it seems that you’ve had more than your share of issues already.

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No… I don’t mean that… As a single mom with 2 kids I’m very grateful to have the job I have because it allows me to work remotely. I guess I want to see if I can get by by posting my cabins on other websites etc…

I don’t know… They did book somewhat last minute (after Mark checked out), but still before Mark’s review posted. So the only way for her to know about Mark’s review is by reading it after she booked it or know about Mark personally.

Yes I’ve definitely seen a wide variety of issues come up and a wide variety of guests’ personalities… And I don’t usually get phased by damages etc because I know when people are on vacation they are having a good time. I get it repaired, they pay for the repair, and I let it go. What irks me is when someone denies damages and makes up lies and asks for refunds with no good reason… My friends keep telling me it’s not worth it. But it does help me make ends meet - these cabins gross very well and my pay is reflective of that… So I’m thankful…


You can list them on more than one site, sync the calendars to make sure you don’t get double booked and also make your own website. There are many other ways to go. That’s not an area I know a lot about since I have a different kind of rental. Some people have sworn off airbnb, some swear by it, and some swear because of it. The only way to know if something else would be better is to try it.


My 2 cents on this one ! A Picture is worth a thousand words ! , Well how about thousands of $$$.
Where are the Photographic proofs of all of the issues this person (guest) has had with this property ? This review should not stand unless the Guest is able to prove to Airbnb that the issues are true .
I would ask Airbnb to remove the review as it violates the TOS . If the Guest cannot prove their claims with some solid evidence , and the listing has a great track record and also can provide billing statements from the maintenance company , then the Host prevails .
Also, I didn’t see it written, but I might of missed it , at anytime did this Guest contact the Host over any of these issues using the platform app ?
I have had Guests Banned from the Platform for trying to write or complain about non existing or false problems . You have to be very clear with the CX you deal with . Can the Guest prove the Claims ? If not , then at worst its a he said , she said type deal .


Without seeing your place it is hard to offer advice BUT…the fact that they stated their jobs to set the stage for how high-class they are LOL, will leave anyone who reads it with the proper perspective. Sorry for the bad review - so strange when people do that unnecessarily. A note to you would have been so much more effective but then we would not now how intellectual they are…I would probably just respond “What?”

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Already did that and they said it didn’t violate their ToS. I honestly have had very little luck with Air BnB. They wouldn’t even remove the warning they put on me because this guest said I was being racist. There’s no proof whatsoever because I would never be racist…


Yes I have it listed on Homeaway right now and have the calendars synced. But most of our bookings do come from Air BnB… So it’s hard to let Air BnB go when that’s my main income source…


Sorry to hear all this . They can be stubborn about issues and it depends on whom you speak to at CX call again and tweet the issue if you can again . You have to be like a nice pitbull

And insist that they prove the complaints or remove the warnings and review .

Ask to have the issue escalated and have the Trust & Safety team involved . Be persistent an polite . Try to deal with Other CXs then what you have been . Sometimes they are pro guest or pro Host .

Good Luck


They don’t care. Even if the review is blatantly retaliatory, which most certainly IS a violation of their terms and conditions, they still will not remove the review. AIRBNB SHOULD NOT ALLOW GUESTS WHO HAVE PENDING OR DISPUTED DAMAGE CLAIMS, TO REVIEW. Period. Terrible policy where everyone, (except the narcissistic guest), loses money.


This is why all communication should be on the OTA portal, not by phone or email.

Then you have more evidence about your communications.

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Just make sure you have IB turned off on at least one of them, the sync period for the calendars varies from a few minutes to several hours.


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