Just uncovered guest's bad review... Please help with a response

So less than 20$ per person . That’s lovely …just like a hostel


Congratulations on your engagement!


@KKC Thank you! I’m so excited!! :smiley:


And he’d be delighted to know that he’s getting you all wound up into such a state. He’s gone. He’s written his review. He won’t stay with you again. He’s history. Forget him.

Don’t give him the honour of spending any of your time thinking about him. Not one further second. It seems that you have much more exciting things to think about :wink:


You must mean this Airhost Forum get together she’s organizing.


These are the types of people who should just be banned from Airbnb. What a degenerate. People who are liars just to get out of paying for damage they cause are just the lowest bottom feeders. Entitled losers who are the type to kill an old lady, then sue her family for her body damaging their car. People like this make me want to PUKE!

Okay, sorry just had some awful spring break guests and my tolerance is pretty low…

You have two options: 1. Ignore his retaliatory and untrue review (BEST CHOICE if you have plenty of reviews, and expect plenty more. It will just get lost in all the others).
2. But if you only get a couple of reviews a year, then you should respond to it, but don’t address his lies, but you do set the record straight that the review is retaliatory. “The guest thanked us after vacating, stating how they had a five star experience and were so grateful…until they were asked to pay for the property damage their large group caused. We take pride in being Superhosts and providing stellar accommodations, and will continue to strive for excellence. Thank you for visiting.”

I would say nothing more, (since all of his claims are bs anyway). I may also be being a bit too snide myself since I am in a bad mood with guests atm. lol

The fact that Airbnb is a $31b company, yet will not employ a team to investigate/handle/remove retaliatory reviews is the most reprehensible aspect to hosting with them, IMO. Too much power is given to the reviewer. The only negative comments we have ever received have been retaliatory. It is extremely discouraging, and has at times, made me want to stop hosting altogether and find a different way to make money. :confused:


You are so right!! Thank you so much! It’s been a crazy week :joy:

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This is SO TRUE. The other thing I noticed is that the bad guests do not write reviews (the ones that were bad but I didn’t tell them they were bad). The only thing I can think of is that it’s because they KNOW they were bad guests and don’t want to inspire me to write a review of them.


Oh, I should have read the whole thread instead of skimming…what Brandt said is the best… if you choose to leave a review at all.


Congrats on the proposal! Just forget about this stupid guy. He’s not worth any more energy.

I agree that @Brandt is the best too. But I really appreciate everyone that chimed in. I think I’m going with the route of not leaving a response. :slight_smile:


That is the best choice if you get lots of reviews!

We all chime in because we feel your pain!! I know I’ve said this so many times but…99.9% of our guests are wonderful, but the crappy ones can really stick in our craws, especially when we work so hard to make everything nice for them. Sometimes we just need to hash it out with people who understand. I so wish there was a forum like this when I first started hosting! The advice and camaraderie is gold!


@LetsShareThoughts So well said!!! When you get someone really bad it makes you just want to quit! And I’ve seen some seriously horrifying pictures online so I know the guests I had was nothing of that nature but he was one big bully… and I hate bullies…


I think that @Brandt 's suggested feedback is spot-on:

“XYS will not be welcomed back to our cabin after causing damage to the property. We take pride in our home as shown by our previous guests who have all left 5 star reviews. We strike to offer complete guest satisfaction and this review is not representative of past guest experiences.”

However, the correct term is “strive for” and not “strike to”. strive
make great efforts to achieve or obtain something.


Wow 24K for a weeks vacation not including expenses… I would talk him into applying that to another property instead, it will last longer:)

The CFO is an ass, don’t give him any space in your head.



He is always looking to get more STR properties. It’s just hard to find the right one. But yeah this is definitely a splurge. I think the way we look at it is that the resort will throw in the wedding for free… (Sandals resort offers free weddings and is all inclusive on food and drinks). I think most of the weddings in the US (where we are from) cost around $20k. We are shooting two birds with one stone - destination wedding and honeymoon. Plus I’ve always wanted to stay in an overwater bungalow… and there’s no cheap option for that that I know of. I’ve been married before but never had a wedding. He’s never been married. We are both pretty old. So this is definitely (hopefully) a one time thing. Lol


As a guest I would ask myself why professionals would stay in an Airbnb as opposed to the venue for the wedding. I would also question how he had the time to conduct a home inspection. And why he was so vindictive. Something smells fishy.

“Thank you for taking the time to conduct a detailed home inspection. In order to offset any potential misunderstanding, we immediately arranged for a professional inspection by (the city, a home inspector, a professional real estate agent, a PEng) and are pleased to report their findings. We replaced the (doorknob, toilet paper dispenser, trashcan) immediately. Good luck and God Bless.”

Absolutely brilliant response. Saving for the future.

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I need you all’s help again. I just got this email from Air BNB and I’m speechless. I have never ever suggested Mark was Latino nor would I have even thought of that. He looks white to me on the picture so I assumed that’s what his race is.

What should I do?

Isabelle J, Apr 11, 10:42 PDT:

Hi Linda,

My name is Isabelle and I work here at Airbnb.

I’m writing to let you know that an interaction with a previous guest was reported to us as a possible violation of our nondiscrimination policy.

Based on our review, it does appear to go against our nondiscrimination policy because by asking the guest if they were Latino and then suggesting they were most likely the ones to have caused damage to the listing, you are making a negative association based on race.

Airbnb exists to create a world where everyone can belong. You can read more about our nondiscrimination policy here: www.airbnb.com/help/nondiscrimination.

Please consider this a warning. We’re not taking action now, but the details of this situation have been added to your account (which only Airbnb representatives can see). If something like this happens again, we have the right to remove your account.

Please let me know if I can answer any questions about the standards you’ve agreed to as an Airbnb user. Simply reply directly to this email to get in touch.

Best regards,


Whatever you do, don’t reply to Airbnb that “He looked white to me.” I would reply just to get something on their records, not that it may do any good. “Mr. [Name’s] statement is untrue. I have never, and would never, as a host, comment on nor ask anyone about their race, national origin, age, marital status, sex, or gender identity. I do not discriminate. Mr. [Name] initially complimented me on the property and the quality of his stay. However, when I asked him to pay for damages that happened during his party’s stay. Mr. [Name] threatened by phone (he did not contact me on the Airbnb platform as required) that he would retaliate against me via a bad review/complaints Please see my xxx 5 star reviews from other guests as evidence of the quality of my hosting.”


THIS. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^