Just asked a guest to leave for bringing in a secret 'guest'

My house rules state: “Only confirmed guests are allowed on my property; All guests staying must be included in the Airbnb reservation; ‘Visitors’, deliveries, and 3rd party bookings are not allowed.”

My guest brought in a ‘friend’ and, when I caught them, asked my guest to leave, he complied, and they both left.

He has another night left in his booking. I know that I am within my rights to ask him to leave for blatantly breaking the rule.

Now what do I do? Do I put a short comment in the airbnb message system to him , telling him why he was asked to leave? Do I do nothing? And, when the ‘review’ comes up, do what?

Thank you hosthive…

I would put something in the message platform, to document the situation before anything else happens, or the guest posts a different version of the story.

“Just to clarify, guest, that I had to ask you to leave as you violated blah blah blah”.

Sorry for the sticky situation…

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I would probably call Air and let them know now so it is documented. I wouldn’t correspond with the guy now. It’s good they left.


just got this in message center. My first thought - do not reply?

“Will I be getting a refund for the nights I did not stay?”

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Mine too. Best answer is no answer…

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Are you not better to use the message system so there is a record?

Keep us posted. I have asked Air about this before, and this is what they told me regarding payout:

I have to let the guest know the extra guests can’t stay. As long as the extra people leave, then the other guests can still stay, and it doesn’t matter that they broke a house rules.

Only if the extra guests come back or don’t leave, then Air will payout even if I don’t allow the guests to stay.

In your case, if these two were traveling together, then I am assuming they didn’t have any intention of being separated, and of “friend” renting another place. It would have been easy for his friend to leave if he was just visiting, or for them both to go somewhere.

in this case, it was a ‘hookup’. They were in bed together. And, my house rules say no ‘visitors’…

If you knew in advance would you have simply charged an extra guest fee? If yes, then why not just tell the guest there will be an additional fee for the their “friend”. If they refuse, that’s when you kick them out.

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Did you call Air to have it documented? Let us know what happens, and if guest ever contacts Air.


No, would not have allowed it, and especially not a hookup. But something to consider in the future with other guests…

Why doesn’t someone like this just book the No Tell Motel?!!!

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This requires the response of, “As you know, you violated both AirBnB rules and the stated rental rules by bringing in a nonregistered guest. This rule is for both guest and host protection. Under these conditions, you can expect no refund.” Get this on the record.


Why didn’t you simply charge the second person for the 2 nights? That way you have doubled your takings, not had to pay the airbnb fee and made 2 people happy.

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Well, it does not double my income, it simply adds my second guest fee. And no, going off platform is not inly not my style but also puts me at risk since this new addition who snuck in is not covered by airbnb

But I am not comfortable with a random hookup and a guest not telling me about the new addition… i discovered it by my security cam. Simply allowing the guest to pay an additional few dollars in not acceptable since it also impacted my othe guests, their shared bath etc.

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The secrecy would annoy me too. However, I have been doing B&B for 30 years and airbnb is, to me, an additional advertising platform. I have my own insurance and public liability insurance and do not rely on Airbnb for that so he/she would not have been a problem there. My prices are per person per night regardless of how guests find me.

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Hello. What type insurance do you use to cover short rentals. ? Could you recomend ?

Also anyone had situation when guest refuse to leave property after cancelation ?

This thread was 4 YEARS OLD. Your questions can be answered by searching the messages.

  1. Ask an insurance broker in your country or use Google

  2. You have already asked the same question on another thread.