Judge my listing now that it's finally up

Apologies if I should have just continued the other thread…but my listing is up and I am super proud and super nervous and I want opinions. Too brutally honest or not enough? Anything I should change?

Retake photo 1 without the bar stools. Will make the room appear larger and less cluttered.

Thank you that is a great suggestion I will do it tomorrow! Hoping to add art and pillows and towels for the next round of photos too

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The colours seem a little flat to me. I saved one of your pictures in the kitchen (hope you dont mind) and slightly enhanced the light in the basic windows photo program (enhance button) and it looked much better to me.

Sometime I find the natural light is not always the best especially if the season is a dark one.

Yes and I took these in the late afternoon, almost twilight. I might try again tomorrow morning with better light and see if that improves things. Thank you for the feedback

This is totally my thing, as I was married to a lawyer, but you might want to just say that he’s a professional. Some people are very afraid of attorneys.

Take the garbage can out of the kitchen for the photo, same with dishwashing soap, bathroom air cleaner, and make stuff under the TV in the cabinet with the yellow panel cute (books, or something). Put something nice on the kitchen counter. Maybe add some flowers in a vase somewhere. Why the photo of the outside wall with the TV dish? Be sure to reshoot the exterior photos when everything is green. Adorable cottage, btw!

Some of the photos are tilted. Turn on all lamps in the house for better mood lighting. Actually add a few small lamps around for more ambiance.

Use the front pic of the cottage as the opener.

Straighten up the linens on the day bed.

You might have repeated the phrase work in progress too many times.

You certainly do disclaim! So that is good.

Your price is a bit high compared to neighboring properties without sad gardens that aren’t works in progress.

I like the bar stools but not the trash can.

Ha the exterior photo was because people said I should make it clear the outside is ugly. Thanks for the tip about attorneys I’ll change that. And other things for pics

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Thanks I think I’m going to adjust the price down . I was comparing mostly to the whole house listings actually in Carlsbad ( because Artesia is 45 minutes away) so those prices are higher…but I do think I can start lower abd raise later if warranted.

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Also, I will redo photos today after adding some decor

You are literally the only thing available next week in Carlsbad. The only thing I can think of that might slow you down is the two night minimum. So I still wouldn’t lower much.

Ha should I raise it back up to 140 then? Its been up since last night and no inquiries but I don’t know how often I should expect those. You know this area so I trust in opinion a lot.

I think the price is fine. I just wouldn’t drop it too much too fast. Though I know the area and get Carlsbad traffic I get singles and couples, not families. This might be a little short notice for spring break groups or families. The price might seem high to a couple but if it’s comparable with hotels then maybe not.

Got our first booking in April!


I absolutely love it! The front facade is just beautiful!!
I love a good shack makeover, you could make that so nice.🖒

Edit- also agree about the bar stools, too bulky and imposing. Any possibility of getting stools with out backs that tuck under nicely.? Wooden ones you can paint a fresh coat of white maybe? And the fridge? If that was me I would be painting that white or getting a fridge skin magnetic thing. And getting rid of the cupboards above or blending to wall colour.

hm may reevaluate the barstools. I previously had metal ones but I returned them because they needed to be adjustable height because the floor is lower in the kitchen. And oh dear yes I want to do something else to the kitchen. Would love to paint it all white and get white appliances…but probably not for a while. I put in some brightly colored dish towels and decor items though and that has perked it up, I will post once the updated photos are up, I think it will look nicer.

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If you go in the funky/quirky direction you don’t have to have matching stools. And if you get wooden ones you can cut the legs whatever height you need. I wanted some different barstools in my kitchen/living area. I found a counter height table and four chairs on craigslist for what ONE new counter height barstool cost.

I’m kind of surprised no one likes those barstools, I thought people would prefer with a back. But there is still time to return them so I think I might do that and get wooden ones as suggested. Those are probably more sturdy and less wobbly anyway. It might have to wait til after next week though because I have guests booked for Monday! So Excited and so nervous!

I love / loved Craigslist. But it is so dead here!