@jaquo missing!

This February @jaquo and I were able to spend an evening together in Florida, and we had a great time together. I became concerned when she disappeared from this forum and began sending messages. Tonight her partner answered. She has had an unexpected health issue and is recovering slowly. She wanted me to let the forum know that she will be back when she is able. I was told “late Summer” but what does that mean in Florida?

I am sending her my best thoughts for a speedy recovery.


Sending you healthy thoughts @Jacquo. Hang in there! :kissing_heart:


Thanks for letting us know. Several of us had discussed among ourselves and I also tried to contact her but no response. Best wishes @jaquo for a full recovery.


I have often thought about her being absent and realized it’s been at least a couple of months since she has posted. All I could think of was that she went on a vacation (as you did @KKC) and will return when we least expect it but somehow, it didn’t seem the answer.

So many have dropped out of the forum.

I 'spect I will also one of these first days…like an old soldier, I’ll just fade away.

I’ll take my off-color jokes with me.


There are a few we miss who have dropped out.
Thank goodness Jackie is getting better. I am glad you heard something!


We love you @jaquo!!!


Thanks so much for letting us know, and love and best wishes to @jaquo .Come back soon!

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Best wishes to Jackie! Here in South Florida, “late Summer” can mean the end of August to the end of October; or even the end of Hurricane season!

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A few lovely posters are missing alright. Hope you are feeling better soon.

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Oh no! Thanks for the update!

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Adding my name here as someone who’s missed @jaquo these past weeks. Sending all best wishes (and plenty of Yorkshire tea) for a speedy recovery xx


I’ve just seen this :disappointed_relieved: I hope she is recovering well!

I suppose the term ‘late Summer’ is deliberately vague, as she hasn’t got an exact date for returning to health.
I wish her well x

In all fairness @O_Rental, you have made exactly 18 posts, total. It is not uncommon for someone to join, learn what they need and disappear. You weren’t missing. You just weren’t here.

@jaquo is a moderator who has been active in the forum, with thousands of posts, for several years.


I was missing from this forum the other day and you never cared about me?? How dare you!!

Let’s let the facts speak for themselves:

When you’ve contributed - on an ongoing basis – to the group with something meaningful rather than such arrant nonsense, people might ‘care’ about you.


Exactly! :wink:

Must have 20 characters …


@smtucker I’m just wondering if you have heard from Jaquo? X